Travelling Thursday: Sunshine Coast

Good afternoon! Travelling Thursday is today! If you follow my Facebook, Instagram, twitter or read my previous post, you will know that I went up to the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend. My parents have retired (well just my Dad really) and have moved up to the sunny coast of Queensland, Australia. If you are from the US Рthink Florida, its the place to retire to and its super sunny and warm, it was much warmer than down here in Sydney!

I visited my parents for mother’s day and decided to take a few photos while I am there, we didn’t do a whole lot but it was great to just be with them. We walked on the beach each morning, went to the Eumundi¬†Markets in Eumundi, went to the Surf Club for breakfast for mother’s day, went to the shops a bit and just had a drive to Noosa. Everywhere you go there are shopping centres, so many shopping centres… also where my parents live, it is a bit of a backwards area as in, they still have a running video store.

The weather was very different each day or depending on the time of day as you could get hit with all four season’s in a day, the weather was a lot warmer, but some day’s it rained and it was cool, the hottest part of the day is in the morning, so that was lovely and cool wasn’t hot at all, I love going up in this time of year, as someone who hates summer, this place can get very very hot. I wen’t at Christmas time (Summer here in Australia) and it was bloody hot, my goodness, I would struggle sleeping of a night.

But anyway, here are some photos of my trip! Also check out my instagram for more photos that I took on my first morning in the Sunshine Coast:

Eumundi markets
Eumundi markets
Eumundi markets
In a book store in Eumundi
Coolum Beach, just before the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
On the boardwalk they had art at each posts, it was so cute!


Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk

All photos taken by me.

Travel Bug Blues

Good morning! I hope everyone is well! It’s getting a bit nippy here in Sydney, Australia, I am so excited for winter! I absolutely love winter, it’s my favourite season, it actually improves my mood, makes me feel more energetic and I feel I can do more.

Today I want to talk about the travel bug blues, I feel them constantly, when I have no trip organised or anything, I feel that my life is going to waste and that I am stuck and nothing is moving forward. This blog is actually helping me combat it, but for a short period. I love reminiscing my older trips and look back with such lovely fond memories, but I am itching to get new memories happening. Unfortunately I can’t just pick up and go, I have a job, a cat which is like my baby who I have had for 17 years, she is turning 18 this year and I am renting on my own because my cat is lazy and won’t get a job hahaha.

I am very fortunate to have gone on some amazing trips in my life at my age of being 24 – I have visited the United States of America 3 times and soon to make it a 4th time, I have been to New Zealand and China, I still have so much more to see. I get holiday envy when I see someone on a holiday; particularly in a place that I really want to visit that I try and avoid seeing their post’s, it’s bad! But I still look because I want to see their amazing adventure. I am looking forward to mine this year, but I would like to organise my next one as well.

Does anyone else get this? Or is just me because I suffer from depression that it hits me harder than it should? I have thought of great ways to help fight the travel bug blues and would love to share them with anyone that is currently going through that:

  • Just start planning – it’s simple, just start planning, who cares if it’s not till next year, 2 years or 5 years and so on, you have a goal set up of the place you want to visit.
I have 39 places to go in the US, it makes me plan for me next places when I want to go back one day. Picture used from here
  • Start saving – just begin saving, even if you have nowhere to go, just have a holiday fund set up and just keep working on it until you have decided on where you want to go and then you can budget and see you are now ahead of your saving game. This is something I wish I had done, but after this upcoming trip this will be me. I even have two jars one for gold coins and one for silver coins, keep trying to put money in, stop buying those hot chocolates and sweets and start putting them away so that you can save up quicker, in a short time I was able to save $50 and in 2015¬†I saved $100 in a short time, that paid for part of my holiday insurance!
Picture used from here
  • If you can, just do mini trips within your country – if you are currently finding it too difficult to go on a grand adventure overseas, make small trips in your own country, be the tourist in your country, sometimes you can get great deals on flights and accommodation in your own country. I enjoy this because I am someone who enjoys being a tourist, even when I go into Sydney city, I live an hour outside the city of Sydney but when I do make the effort to go in, I do become a tourist, find things I have never seen – or if I can afford it, go for a weekend away somewhere, stay cheap and just explore. I am fortunate enough to have parents who have moved to the Sunshine Coast (even though I would rather have them close to me here in Sydney) that I have an excuse to have a weekend getaway in Queensland, but I do want to see more of Australia.
My recent trip to the Sunshine Coast
  • Go to events – Get out more, try and go to an event that you haven’t been to before, get the train and just get out there and attend a comic convention, a food and wine show, I love going to events, it makes me feel like I have done something and have had a great time, and I get to travel a little, or this goes hand in hand with exploring your own country, I wanted to see Supanova (an Australian pop culture convention) present’s Back to the Future and they brought Christopher Lloyd out, this event was in Melbourne, but I was super keen to go as I am a big Back to the Future fan, I saved up, put my leave at work down and had a weekend away, when I wasn’t at the convention I was out exploring Melbourne.
Just for Laugh’s comedy festival at the Sydney Opera House I had attended


  • ¬†Reminisce – this is something I do daily, I think about my past holiday’s and this motivates me, this is a tricky one though because it can make you feel more blue about no upcoming trips, but it can motivate you to think of another place to go and say “I want that again”. Scrap book it, write about it, blog it, and so on, do some really creative ways of sharing your wonderful trip it can make you relive it again. And when you feel blue, you have that there to remind you that you had once been able to do it and you will be able to do it again, maybe not right now, but you will be able to do it again in the future.
Tomorrowland at Disneyland – took this in my 2015 trip

I hope these are something’s that can help you, I need to use these myself to help me, I am determined to go places, saving is really hard and I get it, believe me, I freaken get it, I am going to be honest, this upcoming trip, as small as it seems, its taking a lot of money, especially with vet bills, doctor bills and other bills that I am still learning about – this is my first trip I am going on where I live outside of home.

Let me know in the comments on how you cope with it and if you suffer from it too! I know some of my friends do too.

Photos by me except for the piggy bank and map of America – the links for these images
can be found in the caption.

Travelling Tuesday: New York Part 4 Final

Good morning! I am back from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and back in Sydney, New South Wales, where it’s colder and more dull, I am home. I hope you are all well! Today is the final day for my New York adventure that I will share with you all.

If you have not seen any of them, you are more than welcome to go check them out and come back here:

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Let’s get started!

Day 7

Today we headed out to the Bronx! We visited to the Bronx Zoo, it was massive and quickly became one of my favourite Zoo’s I had been to, the enclosures looked great and the animals were adorable, but very sleepy and hiding for a bit of the day as it was a cool day and raining, some would think it would be a terrible day, but we made the most of it and actually didn’t mind the gloomy weather as it meant less people! It was true, there were hardly and people, we kept seeing the same people walking around the park.

I love animals so much, that I have thousands of pictures of animal’s, but I will only share the good ones that turned out well;

If you thought I was super excited seeing squirrels, well I was super excited seeing a wild chipmunk for the first time in person! Found this little guy at the Zoo, but he was a wild one, it was so cute! But they are so quick! My stupid camera kept only focusing on the damn branch and leaves!!!

These Monkeys were very camera friendly, they were not camera shy that some even just posed for us, I am not joking.

This guy here, my friend had an interesting interaction with, they were looking at each other and he ate something and then vomited it out, and she shook her head at him and he mimicked her before eating it up again…


These two snow leopards were so cute, but mumma was not happy with us, we found out it was a brand new cub an was only exposed to people only two days ago, this was its third day in front of people, mumma wasn’t too impressed that we just took a quick picture and ¬†left for them to be alone.

As the day came to a close they asked us if we wanted to go on a dinosaur ride, it was interesting to say… I probably would skip that part unless you have younger kids who like dinosaurs then go for it, but I would just stick to the Zoo.


As promised (spoken about this place in Part 2) we headed back to John’s Pizzeria no slice and had one last meal, I had spaghetti and this cute chocolate bear ice cream it was really good, I think it was from the kid’s section, but I really wanted it and they were super nice and were like “sure!” so I got that!


That’s pretty much it for this day; we just loved the Zoo so much!


Day 8

Today was our last day before we headed off to Orlando Florida, we had two landmarks we were leaving for the last day, and that is the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.

We kicked off the morning with the Empire State Building, what a view! it was impressive seeing New York in the day time, it was a good split between seeing New York in the night when we went to the Top of the Rock (in part 3) and seeing it during the day time, I could see my hotel from here and my favourite restaurant Bubba Gumps (yes I am in love with this restaurant, stop judging me and just bring one to Sydney, Australia, thank you.)


Also if someone comes up to you and asks if you want to skip the queue for $25 and you get to watch fun and exciting simulator doco on New York, don’t do it… Just don’t. It was bad, my friend and I kind of regretted doing it.

Afterwards we set out to Battery Park to catch the ferry to Liberty Island, the icon of New York, the green lady that stand’s for liberty and freedom of America. We finally got there and she was a very tall lady, unfortunately we didn’t get to the crown because they had closed the crown because of Hurricane Sandy, but we got to go around the park, it was a beautiful park. I also got a pretzel because I had yet to do that in New York (these pretzels are making me thirsty! Anyone?) And it was the size of my head.

I wanted to see a close up of her book because I didn’t actually know what it said on it. 4 July 1776 is¬†the date of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

As we finished up we got our things and checked out of New York by heading to LaGuardia airport to say good bye to New York and Hello Orlando Florida.

New York was an interesting town filled with interesting people, was it a favourite place of mine? Not really, but I really appreciate the place and the ongoing nonstop pace, but I think it was all too much for me, I didn’t feel I belonged as such, but I really do admire the place. I know quite a few people who loved it and that’s great! I think I am more of a laid back person who belongs more in a laid back city/town. But I would like to see New York one more time, but I am not sure when.

That’s it for my New York adventure, shout out to the lovely cab driver who took us to Battery Park who gave us a coin with a bible passage on it, and was just really lovely, you were the best cab driver. Also a big shout out for making me fear for my life then realising what you were doing, the New York Breaker’s break dance crew on the subway – why was I scared? They told us all in the carriage to move to the side and make way for them, I had no idea what the hell was happening, I am not use to this kind of entertainment on the trains. But they were awesome! Great break dancing crew, and then we had a church choir going up and down the subway which was nice, I really did like this quirky part of the New York – and yes I gave them each some money for the entertainment.

Photos all taken by me

~Movie Monday~ GET OUT (2017)

Good morning my little Marshmellows! (Should I not say that? I am going with it…)

Today is Monday, and you might have guest, yes I am doing a Movie Monday because I didn’t do a Flick’s Friday, reason, I am currently in sunny Sunshine Coast, Queensland, I had visited my parent’s for Mother’s Day (in Australia our Mother’s day is the second Sunday of May) and so I have been a bit busy hanging out with the folk’s. So to make it up to you for no Travelling Thursday or Flick’s Friday I am doing a Movie Monday and yes Travelling Tuesday will resume tomorrow.

Anyway let’s get too it!


Get Out, the latest creepy thriller/horror film to hit cinema’s, the story takes place in modern America, the current year, and a young couple who are in love are ready to take it to the next level – meet the family.

Chris (actor Daniel Kaluuya)¬†a young African-American¬†and Rose (actress Allison Williams) They travel together by car, Rose driving and Chris as the passenger, they accidentally hit a deer, the call the police to help and when the officer is asking for Rose’s license, he too asks for Chris’ even though he is not driving and Rose stand’s up for him. This is where the movie and tone of the movie is set.¬†¬†a young Caucasian woman are together, Rose decides to invite Chris away to meet her family, Chris is nervous as all partners are when meeting the love of their life’s family, will they approve of him or not, are they racist or not which is his biggest question.

Get Out was a very well written film with great¬†cinematography and a wonderful cast that played their role so well, that it was believable by the cast, although I wasn’t a huge fan of the brother, he too was good in his own way.

The secrets behind the family were in a direction I had no idea it would have taken, I knew, from the previews and the description of the family that there is something dark about the family, but the way it was taken, I had no idea. I knew something was up a bit early on because the parent’s looked like they couldn’t keep a secret as they were very awkward in the meeting Chris scenes.

This movie was a great film, I recommend people to see this. This movie has not many jump scares, but a few, but you are here for the story, I classify this more of a thriller than horror in my opinion, but I really enjoyed this film. You wanted to know what was going to happen next and it never felt like there was a dull moment at all.

Get out and see Get out! (See what I did there, you did? It was bad you say? Sorry…)

For more information go here:

Image was used from here: Get Out Movie Poster

Travelling Tuesday: New York Part 3

Welcome back to Travelling Tuesday! Today is Part 3 of my New York adventure I embarked on in 2013 with complete strangers, New York was an interesting time for me as I was then getting to know who each person I was travelling with and even had time to myself.

Anyway, I will stop waffling on, here we go!

Day 5

Today we got to go to SOHO, the hipster streets of New York, well to me it was, and actually, I really liked this section of New York, I like cities, but to a certain extent, I am not a huge lover of New York, I enjoyed my time, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my favourite place in the US. The City was too much for me, but SOHO area, it wasn’t too busy, it was actually breathable that you could move around and not worry about a stampede heading towards you.

I walked around with one person today, someone who I consider a friend to me to this day, I don’t see her often, but when I do, I love being around her, she has such a great vibe, and this place was the perfect day to hang out with her. She was also the friend who went to Bubba Gumps with me and went to the Top of the Rock.

We walked along the streets, the cobble stone streets, weird knick knack shops, a massive iPhone store for us to use the bathroom in (yes in America they have ¬†bathroom’s in their apple store’s. Australia take note), and too many Croc shoe stores that are unnecessary. We got a slice of pizza in a small pizza store and rested for a bit before we picked back up and found a tattoo parlour that was called the *WOOSTER STREET SOCIAL CLUB,¬†this tattoo parlour appeared on NY Ink, I hadn’t heard of this place as I was unfamiliar in the tattoo world, but my friend was excited, she even got a booking to get a tattoo done for later on.

Look how massive it is!!!

*Note: I Googled this to make sure I got the spelling correctly, it is actually now called Love Hate Social Club

once she got booked we left to get back to our hotel where today, I was in need of getting some clothes washed, so I headed off with a few ladies in my group to a laundry mat, my first time using a laundry mat, the lady was sassy as all and seemed like she had no time for me and my questions, I absolutely loved her and all her sass. After a few hiccups and FINALLY getting my clothes washed, we headed out to a restaurant called John’s Pizzeria no slice. We ordered a bunch of pizza’s and some cheesecake, the staff super friendly that they wanted us to come back to say bye and have a last meal before we headed to Orlando, Florida.

My biggest challenge hahaha

The pizza was yummy, I love pizza, and it’s something about giving in to the stereotype idea that you must have pizza in New York so true. The cheesecake was delicious, but still unsure if it was the better than the other place, and believe it or not, another great place I have had a baked New York cheesecake was in Beijing, China, I am not lying. I love cheesecake and love to have cheesecake in different places with different flavours.

Day 6

Day 6 was a shopping day for us, I was with my friend who I was hanging out with in SoHo, ¬†we decided to do a little shopping, we went to some super expensive stores, she wanted to get her red bottomed heels, I think they are Christian Louboutin (Yes I had to Google that, yes I have no idea about fashion or brands). We found Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue as well and made a pit stop in there (no we didn’t have breakfast, how many times have you heard that joke) and I bought my mum a necklace, the jewellery were divine and there was 5 levels! Each level for a different type of jewellery!


When it got to lunch time, there was a particular store I wanted to go to and she was still on her hunt for the perfect Louboutin shoes, we parted ways for now, she went one direction and I went the other, I wanted to find the FAO Shcwarz toy store.

It took me a while and stop at McDonald’s for a ranch sauce burger which you can’t get in Australia (I like to go to McDonald’s from different places to see the different menu, Hong Kong, Beijing and New Zealand each have something different on the menu) and a terrible sprite, that’s when I learnt hat America, you have terrible Sprite, how is it so bad??? So I had to stick to Sierra Mist* (something like Sprite) because that’s the closes to Australian sprite you could get to, and Fanta, forget it, it actually took me a while to find a place other than a convenient store or supermarket to find Fanta.

*Note: They have changed their name as well which I just found out Googling the spelling and now it is Mist Twist.

When I found the FAO Schwarz toy store, I was like a little kid, I was excited to see the cool toys and maybe find something for me. This was a MASSIVE store; I couldn’t believe how big it was. But there was a section I was headed too, this was my gift to my brother – I found the Make Your Own Muppet station. Oh boy was I excited, I wanted one for myself, but I knew I was going to be spending my life away in Disney World on myself so I just stuck to making one for my brother. ¬†Even though they tried to convince me to make my own for myself, I stuck to my guns and left them for an hour while they created my Muppet.


I found the Fraggle Rock section and got myself a t-shirt and just walked around looking at all the toy’s know that I would have been in heaven was a little kid.


When I got back and collected my Muppet, I absolutely adored this orange little feller with a Hawaiian shirt, he was so cute, but I knew it was my brother’s present and not mine. Off I went back to Time Square to just to have a look around. As I go there, there was a MASSIVE event happening, a stage was set up and banners and everything, it was a big promotion for the Disney game, Disney Infinity, I had read about it and wanted to play this game as I am a lover of Disney and a lover of video games. I got two free shirts out of it and got to play some of the games for a bit, it was actually a lot of fun, they even had two actors from the movie Teen Beach which I had no idea about and when I saw the trailer, had no interest in it.

I had decided to head back to the hotel, but where was my hotel… I forgot where it was. I looked around to see if there was anything that could help and there it was – the Scientology building, yep, Scientology helped me out, oh dear, but thank you?

As the day got a bit later, I met up with my friend again, we decided to see Rock of Ages the musical, I was a little sceptical of seeing it as the movie (yes, calm down theatre fans, I didn’t know too much about it okay! don’t judge!) looked horrible, but you know what, she wanted to see it and I thought why not, let’s do it, so we went two hours before the show to see if there were any tickets left, we were in luck and we got them cheaper than retail price, we agreed to go back to the hotel and get ready.


We hit the town together and went to the show, we had fantastic seats, in the centre and down in the stalls only 5 rows back. I loved this musical, it was actually a lot of fun, minus busting for the loo towards the end of ACT 1, but it was a great show, my friend and I had a lovely night ending it by going to Shake Shack and grabbing food and a beautiful black and white milkshake that I rave about when I hear people going to New York to go there and have that milkshake.

Stay tuned for one more I have two more days to talk about, so only one more New York adventure post to go! Comment below if there is anything you want to know about the other places I have been.

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Have a great day!

Why do I always end up back in the US?!

Ah yes Happy Monday… Is Monday’s ever a happy day? I am pretty much Garfield the adorable sarcastic cat who hates Monday’s and would be happy with lasagna.

Why do I always end up back in America?! Seriously, there are other places in the world I would love to travel to, but I always end up back there.

A loving embrace by Tigger


My first travel to the US was at a young age of 12, I was with my parents and my brother, we travelled for a total of 3 weeks, a week in Hawaii, half in Vegas and half in LA and on the way back a few days again in Hawaii, this was my first international trip ever, as well as my brother’s we were very excited, me, I was super excited for Disneyland, a dream of mine after finding out about it when I began watching Disney channel and they would always advertise this magical place, I wanted to go so badly that when it was happening, I couldn’t believe it, and this was in a period of my life that I needed it so badly after finally leaving year 6 and leaving behind a horrible school to go onto High School the following year.

This trip was marvellous and will be forever in debt to my parents for taking us to the US, each place we visited, I absolutely loved, LA captured my heart believe it or not, I have so many people telling me how much they disliked LA or only thought it was okay, but LA reminded me of Sydney, it reminded me of home.

I had a few international trips in between as well, but come 2013 I was ready, I wanted to go back to the US, I wanted to see more.

Photo taken by me


I am into Pop culture, like SCI-FI and comic books, anime, Manga and so much more geeky goodness that when I found out about the HUB Productions who are a company who create conventions out here in Australia like OZ Comic-Con, Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and many other conventions where they bring out guest and you pay good money for the chance to meet them, they were providing an opportunity to go and to the US with them to go on a whirl wind trip of LA to New York to Orlando to Atlanta I was hooked.

I wanted this trip, but I was terrified of going because it was my first time on my own, I was scared to meet with them the night before we left and was scared of having a room mate who I didn’t know, this was a big step up for me for someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

This trip tested me at times and helped me make some friendships that, even though we don’t get to see each other often, I still am fond of and talk to on Facebook. My room mate however, she was terrible in Atlanta to me and I was not keeping in touch with her, at least it was the end of the trip when I got up to go the airport for me adventure to Iowa, I didn’t bother leaving her a good bye note. This was a good learning curve for me, you won’t always get a long with someone, but you make the best of the situation.

I headed off from Atlanta to Iowa to visit a friend, this was when I was really alone, I had no one travelling with me, I was catching connecting flights and was forcing myself to ask for help to go in the right direction while annoying other passanger’s around me, but I did what I had to do. Once I finished in Iowa, same thing, I had to catch connecting flights to Burbank airport in Los Angeles, but the present for myself on how well I coped was that I got to see my mum and have her to myself for a week in LA, this was my favourite part of the holiday.


My last trip I have taken, I really wanted to go to Europe, unfortunately, my friend wanted to go to the states after having been to Europe with her sister. This was our first holiday together, people had warned me and told me to be careful because travelling for such a long period of time can put a strain on our relationship. Good thing is, we already bicker and such, but we do it in a loving way and we look out for one another, we had a blast that we are going on a holiday again together (I will get to that part soon) and we are very much looking forward to it.

We headed on a Topdeck trip, Topdeck are a travel company that cater to 18 – 30 somethings and you go around in a group, for us we did a southwest trip, we went from LA to Arizona to Utah to Nevada to San Francisco to the whole California Coastal line and ended up back in LA for a day to then head to the airport and grab a redeye flight (I have no unfortunately have now the understanding of a redeye flight) to Iowa with connecting flights in Atlanta. After Iowa we had another connecting flight to Atlanta to New Orleans and then another connecting flight to Atlanta (yes again…) to have our last week in LA, all up this trip was 6 weeks, and I still wasn’t ready to go home, believe it or not, my friend was, but I wanted more!


Yes now for this year, yes I really am going back this year, I am headed there in October. I am only there for 3 and a half weeks, which is great and plenty for an escape and for someone who doesn’t have much money now that I am living outside of home, I moved out after I had gotten back from my trip in 2015, that was the most dramatic transitioning of my life.

We are headed for Orlando, Florida for 20 days and LA for 4 days. I am spending my 25th Birthday in Magic Kingdom, Disney World and I am bloody excited!

So in conclusion, why do I keep going back??? Well I really want to go other places in the world, but the circumstances are different for each place that I want to visit. I want to visit Japan, but I want to go during Cherry Blossom season, and usually I don’t have the time around that time to go, I want to go to Europe, but Europe is a place I want to go with a friend or a family member, but I don’t have anyone to go with, and then there are other places, I do want to see, but I want to hit the US one last time before I move onto those countries. I am just going to say it, I love the US, I really do.

I love how each place you visit is very different, you get an entirely different experience, I love the food, yes I actually do, I love the weird and over sized food for small value. The people have always been friendly to me, especially in New Orleans, I loved the southern hospitality. North America has a soft spot in my heart as I have so many fond memories there, I only speak highly of the country and to those that hadn’t been sure of visiting there I always re assured people that you will have a great time and I have been right, people have come back to me and have said how much they enjoyed it.

My top 5 places in the US are (in no order):

  • Los Angeles006
  • New OrleansIMG_3400
  • San FranciscoIMG_3401
  • Orlando
  • 1133.JPG
  • Arizona
  • IMG_3397

I will one day go somewhere else, but for now, I will have my last US trip for a while this year and I will know how much I will love it and will miss it, unless I get my butt into gear and finish a certain project I am working on, I need to aim for the future to visit somewhere else.

If you want any travel tips on the US if you have never been or looking for something new to do if you are going back, you are more than welcome to comment on here and I happy to answer any questions you have. ¬†Don’t forget to look at my previous post’s, I have posted topics on places I have been in the US, at the moment I am doing a series on New York when I visited in 2013.

All photos taken by me.

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Flick’s Friday: ~Guardian’s of the Galaxy~

MV5BMTg2MzI1MTg3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTU3NDA2MTI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_ (1)

I love the first Guardian’s of the Galaxy film, it was such a great starter to a lot more comedic Marvel Films (well Spiderman did that too, but it had way more drama). Guardian’s of the Galaxy was a different feel, it was a Sci-Fi, comic book series, comedy that everyone can love, even those that aren’t into Sci-Fi or comic books, it is still a treasure that people can find and love, my mum is a good example.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2 arrived from space to us on Monday, 24th April 2017 and I got to see it on our public holiday on the Tuesday, 25th April 2017, I was very much looking forward to seeing this.

Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2 was a most anticipated film of the year, following the adventures of Peter Quill (Star Lord), Baby Groot, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and more, all the ones you love are together again, they are hired by an Alien Race called the Sovereign who are to protect their precious batteries from any unwanted aliens, they are all good until Rocket decides to steal some, where story begins, the fight of the Sovereing, friendship’s being tested in many ways, a father appearing that they had never met and sister’s burring the hatchet (or using it against each other, it was a love hate relationship).

This film was a fun adventure with is trials and heartache and stomachache from all the laughing, great movie, such a great follow up sequel to the box office smash hit previous one.

I had friends who had seen this film, cried in parts, it is a moving movie, for a comedy, it got pretty serious and heart breaking. I enjoyed every moment, it was a film that was over too quickly for me because I was having such a great time. Never a dull moment, also every rule of every Marvel film, you are to wait till the end of the credits, with this film, they had 4 or 5 (I heard it’s five but I think I only counted 4…) scenes during the credits and after.

I recommend this film if you all haven’t seen it yet, which I don’t believe as the cinemas were all booked out on almost every session, I say almost because no one wants to sit RIGHT down the front. I know we had to go to a different session than we wanted because all that was left was the front row, no thanks.


For more information on this film go here:

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Thursday Traveller: New York Part 2

Well I had written this yesterday to be posted for yesterday, but ran out of time! But I am still going to call this Travelling Thursday as it’s Thursday somewhere in the world! Just not here in Australia…

Welcome back to Part 2 of my 2013 New York adventure, a young Australian who was having constant nosebleeds because it was bloody (pun intended…sorry) hot in the US because silly me was like “Yeah I will go to the US and miss out my favourite season, Winter, its fine, why not have two Summer’s even though I hate Summer”. I had a wonderful holiday, but I think I will never go back in summer, winter holidays are way better.

Anyway! If you missed the other post, my part 1 adventure head on over to here: New York Part 1

Day 3

Day 3 was a day of museum hopping, we¬†started off¬†with¬†the Guggenheim museum, and I apologise to the postmodern art enthusiast or just general art lovers who love this museum… I didn’t like it. I really didn’t, I was really hoping to like this museum, but it just didn’t do it for me.

The interesting architecture of the building was lovely, and I was looking forward to seeing the famous Guggenheim museum. Our group entered into the museum, it was filled with colour and people laying down looking up at the changing coloured ceiling, I was interested in this, it was really cool looking, I was getting more excited, I do appreciate museums, I always enjoy them, but I think I have a very traditional art mind, as we started at the top, we handed over our bags to the cloak room, and began spiralling down the spiral pathway, it was a very interesting having to go down a spiral flat surfaced walk way, but I was getting a little headache from it, don’t ask me how, but I did.

The walls were lined with artwork of bright colours, there were rooms you could go into, this is where I wasn’t a fan, we went into a room that had no lights and only a black canvas on the wall and one two seater seat. I sat there for about 20 minutes waiting for something, but I genuinely¬†think nothing actually happened I waited with one of the people I was hanging out with, and like me they wanted to get out and see if there is anything better, I apologise I really do, I know art is subjective and interpreted in different ways, I just am not a postmodern art fan I guess. We went into another room that had an overhead projector and just squares on the walls, also in a dimmed lit room. This must have been theme for at that time maybe? Exploring darkness or something? I am trying…

The best thing about this museum (no it wasn’t the exit that was a close second) was the bottom floor of the Guggenheim, they had Picasso and Leonardo paintings, very iconic paintings that made their mark in the art world that was awesome thing to see, I really did appreciate this section of the museum.

Was this museum for me? Nope, but I appreciate that it catered to those into Post Modern Art; I suggest this place strongly if you are interested in PM Art.

You can check out the museum here:

I didn’t take photos here, because I didn’t feel the need to in the museum, plus, a museum is better seen in person, paintings are something that need to be seen in person.


Onto the next Museum! We hit the American Museum of Natural History, yes that Museum that has all the artefacts coming alive at night in the movie Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson.

I loved this museum so much, I had a great time exploring this place, I loved every moment of it. The Taxidermy of the animals weird me out a little, but it was a stunning and surprisingly how big it is, I didn’t think it was going to be so massive. My favourite part in the whole museum was the Planetarium, space, I really love learning about space, I find it amazing and fascinating. The planetarium is where you sit in a dome like room with chairs that recline back and you look to the dome roof and there is a documentary on space, ours was narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, it was amazing, but because I was a bit sleepy it was hard staying awake! It was super relaxing.

This is my favourite museum in New York, loved every inch of it, some parts I was not too interested in, but still had a look around, but I loved a lot of it, especially the dinosaur fossils and the space section.

I recommend this place so much, I tell everyone who I know like museums to go to this place, and this is great for all ages.

To find out more on this museum, click here:


For the last Museum we went to was the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET museum), I saw quiet a lot of this museum like the mummies exhibit and the wonderful paintings, but to be honest, I was also a little tired and also I was distracted because I had a few nosebleeds in this place a lone. It was so bad, luckily the bathrooms was nice because I spent a good amount of time in there bleeding haha, its funny when I look back on it now.

The Asian art was gorgeous, I love Asian art, I love especially the Japanese styles, it’s one of my favourites. The Chines section though was beautifully done, the calligraphy and the paintings, the potter all so beautiful. Unfortunately with our Museum hopping we actually had to rush a lot of the sections as it was closing, we had to get out and head over to meet everyone to see a Musical.

I recommend this museum, this museum was more up my ally in terms of paintings and artwork because it’s more traditional, more so than pop art. It reminded me of

To find out more on the MET museum, click here:

I didn’t take any photos here because of the same thing, as the Guggenheim, I prefer to just take it all in. Except the Mummies, they were so cool.

For the night we went to see (if you read my previous post you will know right away) Wicked! Yes the famous other side story of the Wicked Witch and Glinda the Good Witch, when they were just in school, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) was an outcast and shun because of her green skin,. Elphaba was a sweet, sarcastic and uncool lady who we all secretly wanted to because she was just like us was taking care of her disabled sister until one day she is paired up with Glinda and the unlikely friendship blossomed. Glinda may have been the good witch, but she was a selfish stuck up witch that you remember from school who treated everyone poorly because she was they stereotypical popular girl, which liker her musical number Popular portrayed her.

 I love this musical, it was a fantastic production here on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre,  It was awesome seeing the New York Broadway cast, but I have a huge soft spot for the Australian cast which my friend who was with me agreed that our cast had a bit more oomph to it. But it was still a fantastic production, worth seeing.


Day 4

Day 4! I was quiet tired from all the museum hopping and the constant nose bleeds but I powered on, as Today we paid our respects to Ground Zero, a sad heartbreaking memorial to those who perished in the tragic, horrific event of 9/11. My heart was heavy when I walked in and saw the memorial in the centre where the buildings stood.  The engravings of the names around the side of the beautiful waterfall  in the middle was a sad reflection on what had happened and what it stood for, right next to it was the new Trade Centre, almost at its completion and ready to be open the following year.

One thing that remained from the tragic event was the Survivor Tree, the only thing that stood against the tragedy around it, it stood in the same spot and truly survived, they keep it chained down, especially after Hurricane Sandy that happened in 2012.


After leaving this memorial we headed off to Wall Street, I took a picture of the famous Wall Street sign, it had a lot of construction happening though and when I took that picture, I was fine with it until I saw some racism in the corner of the picture from a man who was holding up such a disgusting sign, ruining my picture, I still have it, but there is no need for me to post it as I am against hate and racism. It is not necessary and nor needed.


We got to see the famous Bull statue that my friends all had a great time grabbing the testicles, because why not? Then we left for Battery Park to catch a ferry to Staten Island, we didn’t plan on going into Staten Island, we just did it so we could get a good view of New York and the Statue of Liberty.

The night was a free night, my friend joined me to one of my favourite restaurants every, and you will never believe it is Bubba Gump’s. That place is amazing that when ever I am in the US, I must go to Bubba Gump’s, 100% must, I had the shrimp New Orleans and it was to die for, it was beautiful and saucy, I love saucy dishes, exquisite, I really need to get it again when I go back to the US, I have only had it the once because I have tried all other dishes, and this one is still my favourite to this day. Followed up dinner with dessert as well at Bubba Gump’s, I had experienced my first taste of the Half Baked Cookie, oh my, I am pretty much salivating at the thought of if, this gooey choc chip cookie covered in vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and chocolate sauce – heaven on a skillet.

As we finished up what was one of the best meals, we head off to Top of the Rock! The 30 Rockerfeller Centre home to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (then, now he is the Tonight Show) and other NBC shows like SNL (Saturday Night Live), Top of the rock, like the Empire State Building has an observation section to look out over New York, also a great observation deck to see the Empire State Building.  When finished we walked around into the night.

Stay tuned for Part 3! It should hopefully be more interesting!

Photos were all taken by me.

Tuesday Traveller: New York Part 1

Hello! Today I thought what would be a great idea is on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I can look back at some of the places I have been – my recommendations, places I stayed at and so on and so forth! Hope you all like it, and even leave comments below if you have been or if you are planning to go or simply as I do say how much you want to go!

Today’s theme is: ~NEW YORK~¬†Part 1

Day 1

Ahhh New York, the hustle and bustle of the cement jungle. I went in 2013, in summer, so I pretty much was dying and not exaggerating, I had a nose bleed EVERY DAMN DAY!

Me, a young 20 year old I was (I know, I know, not legal for a any drinking and full night life stuff, but I still did a lot) out on my own with a tour group who I barely knew, I had met them the night before departure and I had only known them for a week in LA before we headed off to New York (well, New Jersey first, we flew via them and then got a cab from there to the big apple), a 5 hour flight with television you had to pay for but you got a handful of shows for free one of them was How I Met Your Mother so I had something to watch. This then made me get a magazine for the next flight to my destination.

As we flew into Newark and had a bit of a way not too bad, about a half an hour trip into the city with our driver being a bit of a tour guide letting us know where Sex in the City was filmed and we got to see some Trapeze Acts happening at what looked like a circus school outside.

We reached our destination, our hotel, located in the Theatre district, our group organisers are big Theatre fans as we learnt finding out one of them (Carissa) had seen Wicked 25 times. Carissa really loves that musical. It is a fantastic musical, but my mere 2 times was pathetic compared to her 25 times, I was impressed with my seeing it twice considering how expensive tickets were, but really if you get the chance to see it, do.

As we got into our hotel the Paramount Hotel as soon as we walked in, we were excited for the sleek looking lobby, really beautiful and the staff were friendly and helpful as we checked in, we agreed to meet downstairs in an hour so we could settle in and get ready before we hit the town for dinner.

As my assigned roommate and I entered into the room, it was tiny! A shoe box! But to be expected as I had learnt from a Co Worker at work who had warned me that the nicer the lobby is the smaller the room is, well wasn’t that true, but we were only here to sleep and store our stuff, it was fine, and do able, I had a lovely view of a brick wall as well from our window, the reason why the blinds were pretty much permanently closed.

As we got ready and headed down to the lobby we decided to head to a restaurant we just wondered until we found a place, Broadway Joe Steakhouse, down stairs under the building, I like how they do this in New York how they use the below street level space of the building, we were tucked away in the corner with are large party ready for what delights I would find for my first dinner in New York.

The menu was simple what we were given, but it looked divine, I was so hungry at this point, ready to eat vegetables as well because I did find it difficult in America to eat healthier, but this was a great set menu, starting with soup, then vegetables and for my main meal, lobster ravioli, super yummy, oh my this was one of the best ravioli I have ever had, it wasn’t store bought for sure, the lobster stuffed in a circle of pastry was just lovely and the lobster sauce with it, I wanted more, I loved every moment of it, my favourite dish of that day. Of course we ended it on a New York Baked cheesecake. You really can’t go wrong with cheesecake, so yummy and creamy.

After such a great meal, we were off to explore the city, as we walked past the buildings near our hotel, one stood out, of course it was the Scientology building, an old TV and an even older looking video on the TV that looked to on a VHS was playing explaining why Scientology was to be welcomed in your life, out stood a man handing out pamphlets, I avoided that, I am fine without joining Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright and Will Smith on the path of Scientology, it’s fine, thank you for the consideration though.

We reached Times Square, already I had lost my bearings in this massive city, lucky I had people with me, Times Square is a actually very large than I thought, I thought it was just that iconic area where at New Year’s you watch the ball drop and the US Today show where Times Square serves as backdrop for the show, not that is just a section of it. But here I was standing in one of the most iconic places of New York, the bright lights and big city was very overwhelming for this young Sydney, Australian lady, I was excited to what I would see and experience, of course just like the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, here they have characters dressed up as characters, and I do mean that the people dressed up are characters themselves. I was disappointed to not have seen the Naked Cowboy who is famous around these parts, who actually had travelled to Australia and boasted about his $3 million a year earning from busking in his undies, he is truly living the dream.

Naked painting on young good looking woman that were promoting something, but I didn’t know what, I just noticed all the men flocked around them and found Cookie Monster and a creepy looking Elmo. This was a bit much after experiencing it in Hollywood, so we headed down looking at the shops, a massive Toy R Us, M&M World, Hershey’s Store and more, shopped a little, but not much as I was saving my money for another destination that would come later.


Feeling sleepy we all headed back to get ready for what exciting day we had planned.

I didn’t take photos of the restaurant I went to but here is Yelp and TripAdvisor for images and other reviews, unfortunately, it must have gone a bit down hill:¬†Click here for Yelp review¬†and Click here for TripAdvisor reviews

Back then as well I didn’t take photos of the hotel, but here is the hotel’s website:¬†

Day 2

Got up nice and early because I am a morning person, that’s right a rare creature called morning bird, I got up and had a shower and got dressed, went downstairs to the cafe that was located in the hotel, they eventually got to know me and my order, a bagel with cream cheese and a apple juice and English breakfast tea, when in New York you do as they do and eat bagels, or is that a stereotype portrayed in films? Oh well, I do love bagels and cream cheese so that’s my excuse, I am New York so I guess I must eat them…

Today was a free day from our group, we could do whatever we wanted, today a few of us and I headed to Central Park, oh my it was huge, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from it other than from my favourite films like for example Home Alone 2, what a great film, anyway back to it, we caught a subway, my first time catching a subway in New York, it was busy and confusing, we had to really concentrate on which letter (there train system goes by letters, like the E train, the C train and so on) would help us get to Central Park, we asked one of the train guards and they helped us to go the right way. Once we got on there, the jolt of the train stunned me of how sharp it disembarks and how it stop’s at the destination, I was scared I was going to fall over.

Finally after our first subway ride that thankfully we survived so we finally got there on one piece! Central Park! How beautiful and so out of place it was. You have this MASSIVE city of pure skyscrapers and other tall buildings surrounding this park, it’s like you just entered a different realm.

We were stopped by two men who offered us a pedicab ride around Central Park for $25, why the hell not so we got in, but man I do not want this job, riding a bicycle around with a seat at the back with a few passenger’s would be a difficult task and you would need to be fit as. But lucky for us, we didn’t have to do it, we just got to be lazy and got a tour of Central Park!

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Don’t worry, it did turn into a walking tour as well, which was really cool of them to actually walk around with us, especially the rider of the other group (we split into two groups) who gave us some knowledge of Central Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is our guide, he wanted a photo:


Say hello to this guy if he still works there, I have a feeling his name is Steve, sorry if it isn’t but I am going to call you Steve.

As we departed our guides with a nice tip from us we left to explore more of Central Park.

For any Beatles fan’s we made our way to Strawberry Fields, this was a lovely little spot in remembrance of the Beatles and for John Lennon; fan’s from around the world payed their respects to the breakup of the Beatles and to the sad ending of John Lennon who fans still mourn to this day.

Afterwards we continued on our travels and we finally got to see some squirrels, American’s you have no idea how much excitement we get from seeing squirrels as we don’t have them in Australia (if we did they were brought in and kept as pets).

I remember seeing one little squirrel in particular that was on a bench next to these young girls who were enjoying their lunch, I stopped and said to my group “Aww a squirrel!” and I began taking photos of the cute little critter, the girl next to it looked over and let out a small scream – her friend replied with “Oh my God, you’re acting like you have never seen a squirrel” if she was talking me, nope not in person, if she was talking to her friend, I could understand how it might startle her.

My favourite section was the seeing the Alice in Wonderland statue, what a beautiful statue that unfortunately had little kids all over it. So this is the best picture I could get without some damn child on it!

We then ventured further into Central Park to come across the famous Central Park Zoo that reminds us all of that famous Dream Works film ‘Madagascar’! We didn’t go in as we were preparing ourselves for the Bronx Zoo (for another day), but the exterior looked lovely, but it looked like it was a small zoo.

After a very long day at Central Park seeing every inch possible in a day, we headed off to go and see the Yankees play the Dodgers at Yankee Stadium. ¬†We caught the wrong train of course going to Yankee Stadium, we ended in Harlem where a lovely older man approached us and immediately said to us “You ladies are in the wrong place, where are you going?” we replied with “Yankees stadium, we caught the wrong train” and he helped us from there, telling us exactly which train to get onto, thank you man for helping us out! Also remember how I said I felt like I was going to fall over? I did… onto another passenger… sorry mate.

Our small group got off the train and headed to Yankees Stadium where thousands of fans flocked the stadium and the McDonald’s next door. I embarrassingly only had a USD$100 note on me and paid for my very cheap McDonald’s bill with that making them having to check the authenticity and speaking to the manager. Once that embarrassing scene ended we got a table and ate our food and watched a real life meme, the RENT IS TOO HIGH guy make his speech and get photos with “fans”.


We finished our food and got inside and headed straight for the merchandise store, got our shirts and caps and we were ready for our first Baseball game!

Okay Baseball is fun to watch and all, but why does it go for 4 hours??? Why does your football go for 4 hours??? Such a long time! But I very much enjoyed it with the great atmosphere and the vendors balancing every snack you could think of on their shoulders and head.

It was such a great, very hot, day we had!

Will post again on Thursday, so watch out for Part 2 coming! I hope you liked this, let me know what you think of New York if you have been or if you are planning to go!

All photos were taken by me

Iron Fest 2017: Lost World

Stunning views, costumed patrons, market stalls, jousting, re-enactments and more, it’s Iron Fest!


Iron Fest has been something on my bucket list, but never really got around to going until my friend asked if I wanted to go with, hell yes I said yes to her! We had planned the whole weekend, but her father and sister wanted to go which was cool, so they took the Saturday tickets and we went the Sunday ( Sunday, 23rd April 2017) , I was fine, because maybe one day might have been enough for my Iron Fest virgin self. I had no idea what to expect.

Iron Fest a big Medieval Festival located in Lithgow up the Blue Mountains of New South Wales (N.S.W – my state that I live in). My friend and I left early and headed up the mountains, it took us a nice hour and a half drive thank you to my chauffeur driving me there, I don’t drive so, thank you friend!

The stunning views of the mountains always take my breath away when I see it, the hills, the trees, cottage houses and the random animals on massive farm acreage that were adorable, I love animals so much. The view, I can’t get enough of, if you go to Lithgow, go by car if you can, if not, the train is also a good way and you still get to see some beautiful views.

As we arrived we already got a bit of taste of Iron Fest as we saw some people ready in their cosplay/costumes looking amazing, so many steam punk and medieval styled costumes. Once we go to the gates we were greeted with smiling happy volunteers, they were super friendly; the type you would expect from Mountain people, I have met a lot of lovely people from the Blue Mountains and knew I would meet many more.

We walked in, got our tickets scanned and the first thing I saw was a massive dinosaur staring at us in the face, it had begun as we saw some furries in steam punk costumes and many different time period costumed patrons, I was in awe of a lot of them, I felt out of place in my regular clothing, the closes thing to fitting in was my dress that said “Baddest Witch in Town” that I bought from Living Dead Clothing (an Australian online clothing store) in the American Horror Story range. Let me tell you I had some people comment on it, but my favourite was a lady who loved T-Shirt slogans wanted to take a picture, so my boobs that have the Baddest Witch in Town is out there somewhere. Goal’s right?!

We checked out some of stalls and then to the “village” to check out the tents that had different guilds in them, some made art, some practice the art of sword fighting and guilds at battle for fun and entertainment¬†and archery. We got to hold 14kg of chain mail and learnt a lot about the armoury wear that they would wear in medieval times to protect themselves, we saw lots from different time periods and different countries variations, it was fascinating and I loved it, so did my history loving friend.

The finest article clothing I have ever seen – chicken hats…

Tarot Card readings, a travelling Gypsy, belly dancers of all ages, live music, entertainment was on throughout the day, there was never a dull moment, a sword eater, re-enactments, acrobatics and more, we loved the fact everywhere you walked, there was some sort of entertainment happening. This was such a smoothly run event, especially this year’s crowd was the largest crowd of 18,000 tickets sold.

One of the battles that we watched, one guy got hit in the face and had a bleeding nose, they took care of him when they stopped the battle, it was great to see that they care about each other, and then of course in true spirit, they yelled “YOU SEE WE BLEED FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT! WANT TO SEE MORE?!?!” and of course we all cheered and they began battling again, it was awesome, the whole thing was so cool, I posted this video (below) on Facebook (with the caption “This is what I signed up for, more violence please”… I am not a violent person I swear!), a lot of people loved it,¬†and my brother commented saying that he wish he was there to see it in person.


My favourite event and the one I couldn’t wait to see all day was the jousting! the excitement and the confusion of how the scoring went, but I didn’t care, I was just excited to see it! I was also confused because the sound wasn’t very good, I couldn’t hear much, and I am pretty much half deaf. But thanks to you a young child sitting in front of us, he told us which jouster our side of the grandstand were cheering for and that was Sir Tony! Go Tony!

We picked up some Elderflower wines by a woman who had different type of wines and produce and such we checked out more of the stores and had food and then watched the ending parade which was great fun as soon as the fun had ended we left to get back down the Mountain to make it to training… I was an hour late to training… That love clear ride through that took us 1 and a half hours, what happened? It turned into a three hour ride but at least we had music and our voices to belt out and dance our way down in the three hour traffic.



If you are not familiar with backstreets from Lithgow and down the mountain, just don’t have anything planned on the evening of Iron Fest, or make sure you leave with plenty of time.

Will I go to this festival again? HELL YES! My friend and I have already booked an airbnb place and are already organising our costumes for next year and are planning to go for two nights and attend the special event on the Friday night. We have become massive fans and are excited for next year! Until then, our next Medieval Festival to satisfy our hunger for it will be in May in of all the places, Blacktown. We have our costumes ready and we are prepared for this!

NEXT YEARS THEME FOR IRON FEST: Wild West, yeeeeehaaaaa! Get them costume’s a ready Cowboys and Cowgirls! (I will stop being awkward…)

Side note: This event made me miss my Dungeons and Dragons group, I hope when life calms down for us all I really want to get back into it, and am now thinking of joining and online game of it. Let me know down in the comments if you play online and have any suggestion please.

Photos and videos were taken by me (sorry for the creep shots cosplayer’s, you all looked wonderful!)

Youtube Channel: