Good morning little Marshmellow’s! Today we head off to China!

Back in 2006 my parent’s and I escaped the hot sun in Australia to the cold winter for three weeks in Hong Kong and Beijing with Macau on the side. My first overseas holiday to a place that spoke another language, have different a different culture and practices and way more people than I could ever imagine in the city’s alone.

I will recount as much as I can remember, but unfortunately I can’t find the pictures I took, so the photographer of this trip will be my dad! Thank’s dad for finding these pictures!

Hong Kong

We headed out to Hong Kong, a 9 hour flight, easy, we could do this after a 14 hour flight to the US, 9 hours was nothing. Once we landed we were greeted by the cold climate, I was in my element, I absolutely love winter, I was excited! We boarded a bus and headed out to the city, I was very excited, when the harbour of Hong Kong. Our Hotel was situated a few streets behind the harbour, it smelt of sewerage in the bathroom, but luckily we were only there to sleep. We were in Hong Kong for a week before we took off to Bejing and then back to Hong Kong, I will talk about both weeks.

We explored the night going a long the harbour, and something caught our eye, it was walk of fame of famous Chinese actors and actresses, this was actually really cool.

There was also a Jackie Chang shop, amazing.

This was the harbour views that we saw, and then we took the tram up to the Peak, which was amazing, breath taking views of the city.


Remember, we went in winter, so its very foggy, but if you go in the warmer month’s, it would be much more clear, but it was still amazing.

At night we checked out the markets, fun fact, shopping is best done at night because a lot of the stores don’t open until 10am and don’t close until 2am. Hong Kong is the place to go for shopping and clothing (well only if you are super skinny, because their sizing is super small), I bought a camera which stopped working as soon as I got home in Australia, but that was fine, I guess… And I got some panda plushies and that was

One of the nights we had dinner at JUMBO the floating restaurant where you take your touristy photos, which believe it or night, they will take your photo and put it on a china plate, my parent’s keep this at their home, they have asked if I wanted to keep it for a souvenir, I declined… So when I go and stay at there house I now have to sleep in the same room as the photo of me on a china plate.


We went over by boat to the boat, and when we went inside, we were seated at a large round table with a banquet meal, I remember saying to my parent’s that I don’t think I was ever served this much food in a sitting. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it, I haven’t heard much about it since I went in 2006, but that was 11 years ago…

We did a day trip to Macau, we went by ferry and we were in a tour group as well, our tour guide told us that he and the people of Macau love Australian’s, which is lovely, until he said because they love Carry Packer who brought them casino’s, they made Macau the Vegas of China… I guess if that’s what they like… but it was clear that they loved Australia so much that they had their own Australian Tourist Shop… You know those touristy shops in your local city that sell shirts or little figures of the Opera House or Harbour Bridge and some little nick knacks that only tourist buy or local’s buy to give to family and friend’s that live overseas’, there was a random shop in Macau that had that.


Of course the Hong Kong trip wouldn’t be complete without Hong Kong Disney! What? I love Disney and I was 14 okay, I would still go at this age I am (24 turning 25).

Okay okay okay everyone, yes I know what you are all thinking, well some of you, yes I have also been asked in person, “Why would you go to HKDisney when you have been to LA Disneyland”, “Isn’t it small?”, “Was it fun? It’s not like the one in the USA”, I have heard it all from different people. Yes it was small, it actually opened in September 2005, so it was still a baby, I went because I love Disney, it was super fun, my parents and I had a great time! We wen’t for the whole day and enjoyed it so much, my favourite ride was Space Mountain, which to me, is one of the best Space Mountain rides, yep I am putting it out there.

The funniest things that we did see was young girls taking photos with the plus toys and such and not buying them, people taking photos of each other eating, it was great! But the funniest thing was the theatre show, okay, so there are English shows, but we went into a Mandarin session, we went in, really excited and then when Mickey and Mini came out, it was all in Mandarin, it was hilarious, we stayed for the whole show, because the songs were in English and it was great, when we walked out, we looked at the board for the session times, they had two English shows and they were earlier in the day, but we didn’t care, we had a great time.

Would I go back to Hong Kong? Yes I would, I think there is way more for me to explore and do, I would like to go back, but I won’t rush back, this will be something for down the line, but especially now that I am older and will get to be more choosy of the places I want to go and see. If you have any recommendations on Hong Kong, please comment below and what you like/love about Hong Kong.

Thursday I will talk about Beijing! Stay tuned!

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