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Oooh warm and toasty, snuggling season is upon us and it’s beautiful! If you are from Australia, you will know that it is getting quite cool in the night and it’s lovely! I love winter, so this weather is wonderful to me! I recently went to Parramatta Park to watch a movie, Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith an event put on by Mov’ in Bed.

Parramatta Park is a MASSIVE park with so many events happening throughout the year, this park is close where I live so it’s great not having to travel all the way into Sydney City for all the events all the time!

I haven’t really been to any outdoor cinemas before, the closes I have been to one was when I was working for the Starlight Children and was volunteering at a booth, and it was great fun! Didn’t get to see any of the film though, and next to that is the drive ins, yep to those who think drive ins have died, they haven’t and they are making a comeback as this generation (mine and younger than me) are into nostalgia, we reminisce about the past, even if it wasn’t ours.

I was offered to attend with a friend, whose friend dropped out, as she knew how much I love movies she offered me, and I said yes in a heartbeat! I had wanted to go so much. As I said the movie was Collateral Beauty and I had been wanting to see that, I missed it a the cinema as I was running around this year trying to catch all the Best Film nominated films for the Academy Awards this year (it has become a tradition of mine).

We were ready; we had our yummy food at the restaurant Grill’d, got our snacks we headed off to the park. As we got there, it was so dim lit that we couldn’t find the correct area of the park, like I said this place is MASSIVE! It wasn’t until we bumped into some people who too were looking for it (heads up if you intend to go, it’s behind Old Parliament House). When we found the location, we looked out to it and it was lit up with cute rainbow cubes, I was super excited, more than I should be, but I was.


Once we got there, we got our wristbands and our bags checked, I was asked if we had alcohol – me a non-drinker only on social occasions was like nope and same with my friend, wasn’t till we got in there and I reached in my bag for my phone that I realised I had a bottle of Lisa Vanderpump sangria… oops… shhhh no one has to know, don’t worry I didn’t drink it, but it was a licensed event so if you wanted some alcohol, you could purchase it there.


The smell of the popcorn being made there was divine, It smelt wonderful, but I had a bag full of sweets ready for me to devour, but my friend purchased some and I may have stolen some from her, and it was sooo good!


As we got close to our bed, the slush of the mud making me almost lose my boot, so we just chose the one closes to us, you can choose any bed, no designated beds are given you just choose, so get there with a bit of time (don’t need too much as it goes up a hill, anyone will have a good view of the screen) to get a good bed.  The beds are blow up beds and the blankets and pillows are provided (yes I have checked, they have said they wash them after every session). We took off our muddy shoes and hopped in and oh my, it was so comfy! I didn’t want to get out! It was so warm.


There were previews like any cinema, and then as the movie was about to start, there was a presenter on the screen giving us the do’s and don’ts of being at the movies in bed and of course, the one thing that was on a lot of couple’s minds, on the of DO NOT’s is any funny business, if you catch my drift…

Review of Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty is a film about a man who loses his child and suffers a mental breakdown as a result of it, he begins ignoring everyone around him, phone calls, visits to his house even his employees of the ad agency that he owns, his 3 best friends (played by Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Michael Peña) try to do what it takes to help him through this difficult time. Howard (played by Smith) writes three letters, one to Time, one to Death and one to Love, he mails them; this might be a way to let out his feelings, maybe therapeutic to him even.

His friends find the letters in mail box with a help of a private investigator (played by Ann Dowd) and each read them and see his heartache in paper and ink form. As there has been an offer of the ad agency to sell, they devise a way to declare him unfit mentally to do so, so they can do it on his behalf, they hire three actors to play Time (played by Jacob Latimore), Death (Helen Mirren) and Love (Keira Knightly) and they will film him and remove the actors to make it look like he has snapped and is talking to himself, all the while Howard is trying to cope with the loss of his child by continually trying to accept it and seek help with a support group.

This movie was from start to end a beautiful roller coaster of emotions, my friend was in tears by the end of it because it was heart wrenching and the performances were so well done. Each friend was paired with one of the actors and it was to show a light what they too are going through themselves.  I felt I would have liked to have some closure on a few things that were not addressed in the film, but this was a solid film that needs to be seen. This should probably be already out on DVD so if you get a chance to see it, do so.


As the movie finished I was ready to just stay overnight I was so comfy and warm, but of course we had to get up and leave and make our way home, I bet my Cat Coco was wondering where her mum was as I went straight after work.

I recommend this experience as it was fun with a friend or you could go with a loved one and just relax and looking at the stars and the moon was so lovely especially when you don’t get a chance to stop and look up to see the sky, unless you are someone who falls asleep really quickly and can’t watch movies in bed, then I suggest stick to the regular cinema.

For more information about upcoming movies or the actual event itself, click the link here: http://movinbed.com/

Tickets are $35pp

More information on the movie, click here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4682786/

Photos are all taken by me

Collateral Beauty poster from here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4682786/mediaviewer/rm3414950656


YES I AM BACK! This year has been the year of bad luck for me, but whatever! SO HERE WE GO!

Burgapalooza heading
Burgapalooza heading photo by me

Now this event was a few weeks ago (2nd April 2017 to be exact), but I still should share this event regardless, because you know, burgers and such, plus if you have seen my previous post’s before, yes I did do a 6 cheeseburger eating competition (not my finest hour, but it was damn delicious) which you can read here if you haven’t!

My friend and I headed there on the Sunday night because I had a roller derby game the night before (we won! YAY! Our first game for the year and we won! Let’s hope that this continues because it wasn’t such a great year for us last year…ha.ha.uhh)

You can have a cheeky photo of me on the floor – thank you Bout Time Photography for always capturing me on the floor….

So Burgapalooza is in its second year of being alive and they were in a club called  Manning bar and now is situated in Marrickville at Fraser Park, they got bigger which is great! So if you are travelling by public transport like us, you need to take the train to Sydneham, not Marrickville station, because it’s only a 3 minute walk (seedy as hell area when walking in the night, just saying). When you arrive you walk through a tunnel to be greeted with lights and the yelling of soccer/football practice on the side and many cars coming in and out almost hitting you because there is no footpath to walk on.

Thank you Google maps and Microsoft Paint

We got to the section that is allocated in front and saw the sign saying BURGAPALOOZA, our mouths were watering at the thought of the burgers we were about to embark on and enter the delicious goodness. Well I was, my friend is like a bird, she can’t eat too much and she takes her time…  maybe I need to do this… now I am revaluation my fast eating habit.. nah…

As we got closer to the front we couldn’t see anyone in sight… is it over? I am sure it was still on until 9pm? It’s only 6pm… But no no, it was we were greeted by a drunk mate that came out yelling at my friend and I “HAVE YOU EVER THROWN UP IN A BURGER FESTIVAL?!?! I HAVE!!” well done drunky, well done *slow claps*, so I just found out they sell alcohol at this event.

You get your wrist band and get your bag checked, sign in like you are going to an outside of your area club and then you finally get in! Yay! You look around the dim lit area and see the vendors, as you walk close you see cute cut outs of Burgerpalooza icon burger as heroes and villains – very cute idea.



As we continued we could hear rapping, there is live music which is a nice addition, not my cup of tea of music, but hey, it’s good that they have put that on. Also there was a chilli eating competition, was going to stick around to watch but the host of it was really annoying, turns out he is a stand up comedian who has sold out shows though so?

We saw not many people around, I think a lot of the people were there on the Saturday or during the day? Who knows but Sunday night was a quiet night. We look around and see a stand that people are lining up at, it’s your burger cash… what is this? Itchy and Scratchy Land??? Oh well… So they ask you how many burger tokens would you like and if you want any dessert or drink tokens as well, I just went for the burger tokens, this time I don’t want dessert and I am not much of a drinker, I had brought my own water bottle with me. Actually… I am not sure if you are allowed to bring outside water? I don’t think the security guard saw it? If he did then it’s okay, if he didn’t then meh.

From here

So I awkwardly got my tickets because I had no idea how many I wanted, each burger cost 5 burger tokens, so I got 15 burger tokens and I had no idea what I had done until after, when my friend was like “you eating three burgers man?” I guess so! She expected me to get more, but I don’t think I could handle that.



So we checked it out, they had a little shoot the red and white cups arcade game, drink stands, dessert stands and merchandise stands, I headed straight for the burger stands.

As I looked at the small amount of stands, in my mind I thought there would be more, but I do have to remember this was there second year, their first year was in a small club, this is there first time open in a park – plus maybe there were more on the Saturday? But I couldn’t wait until… I saw there were 3 left open. The others had run out of prep and had packed up and left. I am so glad I only got 3 tokens!

So round 1: SUPERIOR BURGER – Piggy Back burger

Ingredients: House Salt Aged Beef, McClures Pickles, Smoked Maple Mustard, Cheese and an organic bun.

Verdict: This burger my friend and I both got (the only one my friend got) and this was beautiful, it was so simple and just so nice, the mustard was a bit intense as there was so much of it, but it was so delicious that I think this ended up being my favourite, my friend thought of going back for seconds but she couldn’t stomach it as she had a dessert token and that’s all she could handle.  The meat so juicy and tasty that my mouth is watering at the thought of how good it was.

Round 2: Mister Gee Burger Truck – Happy Ending burger (I know what you are thinking you cheeky reader 😛 )

Ingredients:  Grass-fed Beef Patty, Havarti Cheese, Caramelised Onion and Brie, Truffle Mustard, Pickles and Lime Mayo and a brioche bun.

Verdict: YUM! So nice, the Caramelised Onion and Brie was so good, the truffle mustard, nice but a bit over powered by the lime mayo, but that was so good, so it was okay. This was such a great burger, but I think Superior burger was indeed superior over this one, but I would so eat this again because I really liked the caramelised onion and brie, it made it sweeter.

Round 3: BL Burgers – Power of Juan burger

Ingredients: BL Beef Pattie, American Cheese, Tequila & Agave Bacon Jam, Jalapeno Jelly, Pickles, Avocado Aioli, Coral Lettuce and a brioche bun.

Verdict: Really nice (I love burgers okay, I am easily excited and appreciative of burgers!) but the jalapeno jelly… weird, nice, I think? But I still don’t know.  I like jelly and jalapeno’s but combined?? I don’t know, this burger all round was good, the tequila & agave bacon jam was really good, it was very subtle and it was a nice addition and not too much of a punch. But this burger, I was too distracted by the jalapeno jelly…

Overall, the Superior Burger was the superior one for me, the desserts looked good, but I didn’t partake because I didn’t want to be like my drunky mate and throw up at the burger festival, my friend very much appreciated the pavlova milkshake which she said was worth her next day stomach ache as she can’t really have milkshakes anymore because of her stomach issues.

Would I go again? Yeah I actually would, it was good fun, but I think maybe during the day would be better or on the Saturday, but from my Facebook check in (yes I do this, shhhh) I had friends who said that they were disappointed because they were either turned away (they actually over sold their tickets which is a big no no, you can’t do that to people really.) Or like my experience, some had to pack up and leave because they simply ran out of food prep. I would give this another chance as it was there second year and first year in a larger setting. I am a fair woman, I know it wouldn’t be easy judging how many would come.

So this event, I think I will suggest going, but just be prepared for some stalls closing earlier than expected, best get there as soon as it opens.

You can check out their Facebook page for anything if you are interested in going next year and check out the stuff they posted on this year: facebook.com/bugapalooza/



All photos, except for the Simpsons photo were all taken by me on potato camera, sorry they didn’t come out in great quality, but this post is great quality… no?… okay… my mistake.