I recently was in a cheeseburger competition, it was something I wanted to do, it was on my bucket list, I finally got to do it.

Thankfully the competition I went into wasn’t anything like ones in America, this competition was a bit more tamed and humble, 6 McDonalds (Maccas if you are Australian like I) cheeseburgers, they don’t seem like too much, but when you are pitted against time and others, they are harder than they seem.

When I got there I was against all men except one one female who was delighted to see that she wasn’t the only female losing her dignity to the cheeseburger competition. I was half disgusted with myself and half proud of myself.

I made a video about it! Check it out and you can see a small sped up clip of me chewing down on the cheeseburgers. I apologise in advance for the disgraceful look hahaha.

Click here for the Cheeseburger Comp video
Again this is my second video, yes I am still awkward in front of the camera. It will get better over time… I hope…

Burger imaged used: McDonalds Cheeseburger image

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