The Jungle Book (2016)

Recently I got to see ‘The Jungle Book’ in theatres, and I can say it was stunningly beautiful with the CGI, the animals all looked fantastic and the actor/voice actors were great. But I have to say it was missing something and I am not sure what.

‘The Jungle Book’ is about a young boy by the name of Mowgli (played by the fresh face of film Neel Sethi who was great as Mowgli), who grew up in the jungle, raised by wolves, and was called a ‘Man Cub’ and was treated like an outsider, particularly if he used his ‘tricks’ which were inventions he created with resources from the jungle.  His Alpha, Akela (voiced by Giancarlo Esposito) discouraged him of using such ‘tricks’; he needs to learn the wolf way to belong. The only animal who truly accepted his ideas and inventions was Baloo (voiced by Bill Murray) who used Mowgli to get him honey.

Mowgli was hunted by Shere Khan (voiced by Idris Elba), the tiger, who stands to be the dangerous animal in the jungle. But with the help of his pal and founder, Bagheera the panther (voiced by Ben Kingsley) he was quickly taken away to find the man village.

This movie follows the old Disney film but with different changes which would be close to the actual book. It was a lovely story and very gripping, but I couldn’t help but think there was something missing in this film, I really enjoyed it, but I think there maybe some hit and miss parts. I loved that they kept a couple of the original songs, but I really didn’t like King Louie’ ‘I wanna be like you’ version in this film (who was voiced by Christopher Walken).

This film is worth seeing and great to see on the big screen, and especially because its school holidays, although, majority of the audience were my age (23) and up!

It was a lovely story, with a great cast, so I give this film 4 stars:  ★★★★

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Berrima, NSW, Australia

Berrima is a beautiful small village/town in New South Wales (NSW) Australia. Berrima was established in the 1830’s and now housed to adorable little shops, cafes and pubs with vineyards surrounding. It’s considered in the country and is a bit of a drive depending on where you are coming from.

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I have always loved Berrima, it reminds me of my family holidays with my parents and my brother, and going to the little lolly shop to get some American Candy (they had a lot of imported candy which was great! Where we lived we didn’t have imported candy like we do now. But my favourite shop is the Mrs. Old Buck’s jam shop, I absolutely love jam and aioli they sell, I will go there and spend a lot of money on just jam and aioli’s because I rarely go.


I recently took a trip with my mum and nothing much has changed, it’s still more beautiful than ever. The only eyesore is the working Jail, but there is history surrounding the Jail with a courthouse that was built in 1838. They also have a shop where they sell artwork of the inmates, you just think, with all the talent they have, they should be putting more into their art than their crimes.

If you love knick knacks, history and jam, the country vibe and beauty, you will love Berrima. Some places are expensive, and some are reasonably price, the reason they are pricey is because they sell things you wouldn’t normally see in a shop, so they can sell it at that price I guess, but I bought a beautiful journal with lovely thick pages and of course $60 worth of Jams, aioli and mustard, I am not kidding, I love Mrs Old Bucks jams, and no, I am not being paid to say it or know anyone who owns it, I just really love it! 


With these small business, you will find everyone working in the stores are ranged from middle aged to elderly and they are so lovely, each store we walked into, we were very welcomed and they offered their services, some even went into detail explaining their products, especially if you are buying beauty products that are vegan and non animal tested products. They are homemade and have ingredients from Berrima itself and you will find a lot of Australia made products as well.

This was a store owners personal home photo!!!! This is what dreams are made of!

The stores are linked together; some are separated and are like little houses, they are cute and very cosy.  The only thing is, weekends are VERY popular in Berrima, majority of the tourist and those who escape a weekend away are there, so the small boutiques and stores will be busy, so watch your step in the stores as most items are fragile! I myself have been only on the weekend until I took a day off work this time around and went on a Friday, there was pretty much almost no one around, but the stores (except for a Christmas store that also sold wooden knick knacks such as Disney wood figures and Peanuts wood figures) was closed as it would only be open on the weekend, but majority of the stores were open, so if you want to go on a weekday, I recommend Friday morning, as the day went it got busier because people may knock off work earlier to spend the weekend at the few motels that are around.

I didn’t understand the love for these wooden creatures with boots?! These were at a few different shops! There must be a weird market for them, but they are hilarious and adorable! I love the duck with the top hat and bow tie!

When visiting Berrima, as I have said there are a few vineyards around, one in particular is Bendooley Estate. Bendooley Estate is a vineyard, restaurant with fine dining, bar with a small restaurant and wedding venue.  I have been there for a wedding (my cousin’s) and the venue is extremely beautiful! The day was really beautiful for them as well, not a cloud in the sky, extremely blue! (Like I said, it was good for them, I would prefer dark clouds and rain) and then we went and dined in the Bendooley Estate Book Barn, the book barn was part of the restaurant, it’s a very nice cute idea, very hipster-ish, but it was cute.


My mum and I visited it again to have lunch and have a browse at the books before going and purchasing their house wine. Now I hate wine, but their house wine was so yummy when I was at the wedding that I had two glasses of the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014, it’s a white wine and it was very nice, so I bought two bottles for $20 each when I went back on Friday.


The lunch was lovely we had our lunch at the book barn restaurant, the sizes were very good, unless you got my meal, now don’t get me wrong, I loved my meal, it was very yummy, I had the prawn (shrimp for those outside of Australia) and scallop raviolo, topped with black caviar and it came with like a spinach sauce, it was all delicious, but I didn’t realise the singular for the word ravioli is raviolo, so I got one medium sized raviolo and the sauce, that was it, my mum and I couldn’t stop laughing, but we really liked, she felt bad so she gave me some of her food, otherwise I would have stolen a spoon and just eat one of my jars of jam. My mum got the Bendooley beef burger which was massive and absolutely delicious! And the chips were seasoned with their seasoning, it was all home made with their ingredients. The food was great!

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Afterwards we spent time browsing the books and found a few funny ones like this one;

Famous paintings with cats, you don’t know how much I love this!

Looking forward to going back, if you haven’t been before, I do recommend it, the neighbouring suburb is Bowral, and you just follow the OLD Hume Highway.

All photos by me