Sunday, 7th February 2016 I attended an event called Popcon which started on 6th December 2015. Popcon is a monthly event that happens on the first Sunday of each month, I found out about this through the Popcon Facebook which I saw a few of my friends like and had put either “attending” or “interested” on their event page.

My friend and I decided to attend to see what it’s about. I am a lover of Anime, comic books and other wonderful pop culture things.

Popcon is located in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia (30 minutes away by the country express train from Central, Sydney) I didn’t really know what to expect, except that it would be a very small convention because it was held in a PCYC (police citizens youth club) and it’s only a new event

The entry was only $7 before 10am which my friend and I got in at around 9:45am, as we entered we saw how well the set up was so well organised. This event is good for merchandise, particularly older collectibles and comics. Some were a bit expensive for what it was, but others were a good price. Some were online stores and Etsy stores (which I saw an adorable booth, a man was selling tee shirts and tote bags of his 5 year old daughter’s drawings, I couldn’t help myself and bought the , some were actual shop stores like “Game Traders”.  Everyone we interacted with were so friendly, those who were taking the money and the vendors themselves.

There was a little canteen where you could buy food and also had some live music by a Cosplayer which was nice; it made the room not so quiet.

If you love Cosplay, or just starting out, this event is perfect to test some of your cosplay skills or costumes that you want to wear at bigger events such as Supanova or Oz Comic Con, at this event like others, there is a Cosplay competition.

I did get to see some pretty impressive Cosplay’s, unfortunately, being with my friend who is not into too much anime, we didn’t stick around to see it (plus we had to go to roller derby training afterwards), so we left around 11am (again, keep in mind, it is a small event, so not too much to do except spend money and cosplay).

I think once this event gets more well known, the better it will be, but for now, it is a little gem, that I am happy to attend again (with more money because I bought some cute Totoro and No Face notebooks from Mogoandco – and an adorable tote bag made by Eroding Designs 5 year old –



I recommend this event if you don’t have any plans on the weekend and you would like your fix of cosplay and pop culture merch. This is a family friendly environment with some families and their kids even running a booth.


Popcon venue Photo taken by me 07/02/16

Popcon logo image used from:


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