Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Hello fellow Marshmellows! I wanted to share with you some good news!

I was nominated by LostLara who is also a wonderful blogger and an inspiration!


1) Write A Short Post About Your Favourite Blogger (That’s Not Your Own):
I have many wonderful blogs that I love and read, so many great ideas and treasures I have discovered from reading other blogs, ¬†but my favourite blogger (no it’s not because she nominated me or because she is a friend) is in fact Lost Lara – Lara is actually someone I know and I have enjoyed seeing her writing and where she is in the world, she was a fellow roller derby player from my league, I follow her travels to see where she is and her writing style is very beautiful and brings the post’s alive. She is an inspiration and deserves the recognition and the awards that she has received. LostLara is a brave blogger who writes things that are on the controversial side, but is witty in her ways and also very respectful of where she is and what she writes. LostLara writes with great meaning and passion.

My personal favourite blog of hers is: The Catacombs of Paris; because this is a place I would love to visit and Lara really brings this place a live (pun not intended, but hey I laughed). I look forward to reading more of her post’s and so should you, really do check her out.

Lara’s logo

2) Write Ten Random Facts Abou You:
1. I play roller derby, I have been playing for 6 years now and my roller derby name is BioShockher after my one of my favourite video games
2. I have the cutest cat in the world named Coco (absolute crazy cat lady)
3. When I was a kid, I thought I was a dinosaur and began eating leaves off of trees at school.
4. ¬†Also when I was a kid I would fight anyone that would tell me Santa isn’t really, and we all know Santa is okay.
5. I am going back to the USA for the fourth time this year, I really need to start going to other places, but I can’t wait to have my 25th at Disney World!
6. I am writing a script for a television show – hopefully it will be picked up one day.
7. I love video games – currently play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix
8. My favourite books are the Harry Potter books and the house I am in is Slytherin.
9. My life revolves around Simpsons quotes – I basically quote that show everyday of my life.
10. I am afraid of the dark

Photo to break up monotony – I was terrified here, me riding a horse in Arizona, USA

3) Answer the 10 Questions from your Nominee
1. If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?
In a park? My house is too tiny, but there is some bush lands near me.
2. How many hats do you have in your house?
Maybe about 5? I am not much of a hat person, but my favourite is my Marvin Martian hat from Warner Brother’s Movie World and my Pompey Chic hat from my parents that they brought back for me from England
3. What question do you hate to answer, other than this one?
“So why do you want this job?” I hate that question in job interviews, I want to be paid and support my life, why else???
4. What’s the best way to start a conversation when travelling, keeping in mind your answer to Question 3?
“Where have you travelled to?” I love asking that question, I always want to know where people have been and I follow it up with “What was it like?” to get future ideas and such.
5. What is your favourite word at the moment?
Mediocre – which is me.
6. What punctuation mark best describes you?
A Semi-colon ; because I have so much more to say and do.
7. What quote or travel advice do you hear all the time, but think is total BS?
“Only go where the tourist go because that’s where the best things are”, total, lie, I love finding other treasures where it isn’t the typical touristy place, I want to go where the locals go.
8. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?
I have been doing my family tree and I found some pictures of my great great grandparents and such,  I have been finding so much.
9. ¬†Where is the worst smelling place you’ve ever been?
Beijing, China, I almost threw up at one point, loved the place, but some places just smelt.
10. Let us assume there are two boxes on a table. In one box, there is a relatively normal turtle; in the other, Adolph¬†Hitler’s skull. You have to select one of these items for your home. If you select the turtle, you can’t give it away and you have to keep it alive for two years; if either of these requirements are not met, you will be fined¬†$999. If you select Hitler’s skull, you are required to display it in a semi-prominent location in your living room for the same amount of time, although you will be paid a stipend of $120 per month for doing so. Display of the skull must be apolitical. Which option do you select?
Easy, turtles! I like turtles and I have managed to keep my cat a live for 17 years.

Photo to break up monotony – A snowy day in Beijing China at the Llama Temple

4) Nominate 5 -11 Bloggers who have less than 200 Followers:
Please don’t be offended if you have way more, but I nominate these people:
1. Travelling Through Wonderland:
2. Ponderlust: Ponderlust Natalie
3. Through Open Lense:
4. The World as I See it: Ladys Travel Blog
5.  Asian Backpacker:

5) 10 Questions for my Nominees to Answer:
1. Choose between; whenever you sneeze, you turn into a duck for 45 minutes or when you eat something¬†it’s bland, no matter what it is, everything will be bland.

2. If you could move to any country, forget money and such, if you could live in any country, where would it be?

3.  Weirdest place you have visited?

4. What did you want to be when you were a child? (e.g. teacher, doctor, etc)

5. Best travel advice or quote that sticks with you?

6. You can travel to one more place in the world, and once you are there, you are stuck there forever, where would it be?

7. Which animal would you like to be your travel sidekick? (It can be exotic or mythical)

8.  If you could design your own music festival, who would headline?

9. Weirdest food you have eaten while travelling?

10. Recommend your favourite city and why?


Thank you for reading! Here is a weird statue I found in Japan Town in San Francisco.


Travelling Thursday: Beijing

Hello little Marshmellow’s! Welcome back to Travelling Thursday! Today we go and explore a little about Beijing, this was part of my Hong Kong trip (you can go read that here:¬†Travelling Tuesday: Hong Kong) where I started off in Hong Kong, went for a week to Beijing and then back to Hong Kong. Again, my Dad took these photos.

Beijing, this was an interesting place, very foggy, a bit on the dirty side and very cold. I had gone before the Olympics, but only 2 years before, Beijing were getting prepared for it and they had the signs, a countdown and the mascots for it. We even saw the famous “Bird’s Nest” being built which was designed by an Australian designer.


I really liked the rich history of Beijing, it was interesting and very traditional, it was to be treated with respect. We began our adventures by going to the country side of Beijing, the poorer areas and the areas with a lot of temples and incense; it was a time for reflection and respect, seeing how the people of Beijing lived.


We saw the famous Tiananmen Square:



My parents and I when we weren’t in our tour group just wondered around, went to the silk markets where dad almost made a lady cry; I wanted a pair of converse shoes, they were AUD$40 and my dad bartered for them to AUD$20, they lady kept repeating “YOU KILL ME! YOU KILL ME!” until my dad told me to walk away with him, I whispered saying, but I want them, I am happy to pay it, and he said to wait, we heard a frustrated voice behind us, the lady said “Fine!” and so I got them very cheap haha.

We also went off to a couple of temples; we saw the Lama Temple and the Summer Palace.

“The Yonghe Temple, also known as the Yonghe Lamasery, or popularly as the Lama Temple, is a temple and monastery of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China” – Wikipedia

The Lama Temple was a beautiful temple, bright and colourful.


And then off to the Summer Palace, I really liked the Summer Palace, I think I retained a bit more information there, remember, I was 14 haha.
I loved the story about the Empress who was described as a Dragon Lady, she wanted to be a Goddess, so she built a tall tower and was haunted until she took herself off that pedestal.


We also went to a Panda Zoo, the pandas are so cute!!! Seeing them tumbling around on the jungle gyms and such, I wasn’t too impressed with their indoor habitats, but there outdoor habitats were good. I think they have really cleaned up these days with their habitats.


We went to a Jade Factory, a silk factory and a tea house where this lady did some awesome tricks with the tea cups, it was awesome!


And of course, you can’t go to Beijing without going to the Great Wall of China!

Okay, so I was terrified of slipping and such, like my parents I think they were kind of mad at me because I didn’t want to keep going, but really, I saw people slipping and hurting themselves and such, if you have been to the Great Wall, you will know how hard the stone is and how dangerous it can get when iced over, like I was super terrified, I went up a portion and then came down, my mum joined me once she realised it was super slippery, my dad kept going. Mum and I decided to go for a bit of an adventure, I didn’t take photos of this, but one had I wish I had, and on the other, I am glad to just have been there in the moment, we walked pass a fence and found a tiny shrine with 12 statues that looked to be warriors, it was really cool and isolated, we just spent a bit of time gazing at it and discussing what it could be.


The only hiccups we had in Beijing were; my dad telling our tour guide I can speak Mandarin…. I can introduce myself and say hamburger and count 8… that’s it, we had a man come onto our bus and sell us unofficial Beijing Olympics merchandise (we bought some to help him out) until our tour guide found him on the bus and shooed him away, he then proceeded run after our tour bus, at the Jade Factory we had to wait a while for our bus because our bus driver ran into a police car, had an argument with the officer, so had to be taken down the station, then when we finally came back we got to go to the tea house, the toilets were all squatter ones except for one cubicle that was a regular toilet so we waited ages in a line for it at the Summer Palace, when we went to the underground of the trains I almost vomited because the smell was so vile, my mum was yelling at me to try and get my mind off it, please don’t yell at people to try and take their mind off these things, it won’t work, we had to watch out for the phlegm golly’s everywhere, but other than that, it was amazing time! And I am so grateful for this amazing trip my parents took me on!

All photos taken by my dad! Thank you dad for finding these!

Travelling Tuesday: Hong Kong

Good morning little Marshmellow’s! Today we head off to China!

Back in 2006 my parent’s and I escaped the hot sun in Australia to the cold winter for three weeks in Hong Kong and Beijing with Macau on the side. My first overseas holiday to a place that spoke another language, have different a different culture and practices and way more people than I could ever imagine in the city’s alone.

I will recount as much as I can remember, but unfortunately I can’t find the pictures I took, so the photographer of this trip will be my dad! Thank’s dad for finding these pictures!

Hong Kong

We headed out to Hong Kong, a 9 hour flight, easy, we could do this after a 14 hour flight to the US, 9 hours was nothing. Once we landed we were greeted by the cold climate, I was in my element, I absolutely love winter, I was excited! We boarded a bus and headed out to the city, I was very excited, when the harbour of Hong Kong. Our Hotel was situated a few streets behind the harbour, it smelt of sewerage in the bathroom, but luckily we were only there to sleep. We were in Hong Kong for a week before we took off to Bejing and then back to Hong Kong, I will talk about both weeks.

We explored the night going a long the harbour, and something caught our eye, it was walk of fame of famous Chinese actors and actresses, this was actually really cool.

There was also a Jackie Chang shop, amazing.

This was the harbour views that we saw, and then we took the tram up to the Peak, which was amazing, breath taking views of the city.


Remember, we went in winter, so its very foggy, but if you go in the warmer month’s, it would be much more clear, but it was still amazing.

At night we checked out the markets, fun fact, shopping is best done at night because a lot of the stores don’t open until 10am and don’t close until 2am. Hong Kong is the place to go for shopping and clothing (well only if you are super skinny, because their sizing is super small), I bought a camera which stopped working as soon as I got home in Australia, but that was fine, I guess… And I got some panda plushies and that was

One of the nights we had dinner at JUMBO the floating restaurant where you take your touristy photos, which believe it or night, they will take your photo and put it on a china plate, my parent’s keep this at their home, they have asked if I wanted to keep it for a souvenir, I declined… So when I go and stay at there house I now have to sleep in the same room as the photo of me on a china plate.


We went over by boat to the boat, and when we went inside, we were seated at a large round table with a banquet meal, I remember saying to my parent’s that I don’t think I was ever served this much food in a sitting. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it, I haven’t heard much about it since I went in 2006, but that was 11 years ago…

We did a day trip to Macau, we went by ferry and we were in a tour group as well, our tour guide told us that he and the people of Macau love Australian’s, which is lovely, until he said because they love Carry Packer who brought them casino’s, they made Macau the Vegas of China… I guess if that’s what they like… but it was clear that they loved Australia so much that they had their own Australian Tourist Shop… You know those touristy shops in your local city that sell shirts or little figures of the Opera House or Harbour Bridge and some little nick knacks that only tourist buy or local’s buy to give to family and friend’s that live overseas’, there was a random shop in Macau that had that.


Of course the Hong Kong trip wouldn’t be complete without Hong Kong Disney! What? I love Disney and I was 14 okay, I would still go at this age I am (24 turning 25).

Okay okay okay everyone, yes I know what you are all thinking, well some of you, yes I have also been asked in person, “Why would you go to HKDisney when you have been to LA Disneyland”, “Isn’t it small?”, “Was it fun? It’s not like the one in the USA”, I have heard it all from different people. Yes it was small, it actually opened in September 2005, so it was still a baby, I went because I love Disney, it was super fun, my parents and I had a great time! We wen’t for the whole day and enjoyed it so much, my favourite ride was Space Mountain, which to me, is one of the best Space Mountain rides, yep I am putting it out there.

The funniest things that we did see was young girls taking photos with the plus toys and such and not buying them, people taking photos of each other eating, it was great! But the funniest thing was the theatre show, okay, so there are English shows, but we went into a Mandarin session, we went in, really excited and then when Mickey and Mini came out, it was all in Mandarin, it was hilarious, we stayed for the whole show, because the songs were in English and it was great, when we walked out, we looked at the board for the session times, they had two English shows and they were earlier in the day, but we didn’t care, we had a great time.

Would I go back to Hong Kong? Yes I would, I think there is way more for me to explore and do, I would like to go back, but I won’t rush back, this will be something for down the line, but especially now that I am older and will get to be more choosy of the places I want to go and see. If you have any recommendations on Hong Kong, please comment below and what you like/love about Hong Kong.

Thursday I will talk about Beijing! Stay tuned!

Wandering Wednesday: Yosemite National Park

Let’s wander to Yosemite National Park today! Part of my Topdeck trip I went on in 2015 was a trip to Yosemite; this was a trip after our Vegas adventure and before our San Francisco journey (which you can read here about).

Yosemite was the national park was the park I was looking forward to seeing the most because the way friend was describing it to me as this was the park she was too looking forward to seeing. It was winter, yet it was a pleasant day, the sun beaming and the blue sky, not many clouds in site all. I am more of a rain person, but this truly was the perfect day for a hike.

We started off as a group and then went our separate ways because there were different tracks we could take, a more intense one or a calmer easier one, I am not that sporty, except for my roller derby, I am very unbalanced and such, so I voted to go the easier track, my friend also wanted to the same so that made things easier, but we headed along with some of the people from our Topdeck group who too didn’t want the more intense track.

We took the track to Mirror Lake and what a beauty it was, the whole trail was amazing. The funniest thing though was being taught to clap every now and then and continually speak because there could be bears and also seeing a sign to watch out for mountain lions, as much as I love animals, I don’t want to be their food, so I am good if I don’t see one.

This is one of the iconic views you will see when you drive through the national park, stop and take it all in.


We were told that seeing a waterfall here is rare in winter, we were very luck to see it at this time of year, which was pretty cool, also these trees remind me of the Blair Witch Project, just saying.



Here is the sign I was telling you about!

Now we are entering the goal destination: Mirror Lake



When we finished marvelling the beautiful scenery my friend and I decided to continue, it just became us too, so we had be more cautious because were heading a bit deeper into the park, if we didn’t have a time limit I am sure we would have kept going, but we didn’t go too far though.


We also saw a Raccoon, but I didn’t take a photo because I didn’t want him to be startled, he was super cute! My friend kept trying to get him to go over but I was seriously like “No!” Because I heard they can be quite vicious, but it was so cute and chilled that it just begun waddling away because I actually think we annoyed him more, and he even like gave us a disappointing look when he was waddling away because he stopped and looked back at us and then continued on his merry way.

We decided to go back to the lodges and go get a hot chocolate and a piece of pie and unwind until we meet up with the rest of the group.

I loved Yosemite, and would love to go back some day.

For more information on Yosemite National Park, you can follow this link:

All photos were taken by me.

Travelling Tuesday: San Francisco Part 3

Welcome back! This is the last part of my San Francisco journey; this was a wonderful three day relaxing adventure in the city that has many hills… So many hills…

This is going to be a super short post because on this last day, we headed off to the Californian Coast this day, we only had room for one activity – but I will talk more about San Fran after.

If you haven’t read the other part’s to my San Francisco journey, please check it out.

Travelling Tuesday: San Francisco Part 1

Travelling Thursday: San Francisco Part 2

So today it was the most sunny day, we decided to shop and get our last minute items that we wanted, I finally found an awesome San Francisco shirt as I wasn’t a big fan of the ones I could find, I wasn’t huge into the ones with the city date for some reason, I don’t understand what past Ashleigh was on about.

We thought today would be the day to take a ferry to Sausalito Island to get a good view of the Golden Gate bridge, like I said in Part 1, it was so rainy, windy and cold that my friend didn’t want to stand there and see it, we though we will see where the weather takes us. The weather was super sunny and the blue sky was out.

We headed to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal and got our ticket. I was super excited to do this, this was a great suggestion by my friend, I love ferry rides.

So as we headed out, about half way, grey clouds were heading, but when you looked back, it was still super sunny in the main land city of San Fran. As we got deeper and deeper into the journey to Sausalito Island, it became like Shutter Island (have you seen the film or read the book? I highly recommend it, the author of the novel is written by Dennis Lehane and the film was directed by Martin Scorsese, screenplay written by Laeta Kalogridis and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley). I am not kidding. But still when you looked back, it was sunny in San Fran.


Shutter Island:

Used from here:
Used from here:
Shutter Island - _0010_Screen shot 2012-03-01 at 11.41.23 AM (2)
Used from here:

We didn’t get to stay and explore Sausalito Island when we docked, but I know I want to when I go back one day, it looks beautiful (if you have any suggestions on things to do in Sausalito Island, please leave them in the comments).


My friend, my poor friend never fully got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, well she saw half of it, and she is still grumpy to this day when I bring it up because I like to tease her about it.


When we got back to the city, it was dark and grey and raining, a one last good bye to San Francisco by giving us the weather we showed up to.

This concludes my San Francisco journey. San Francisco is one of my favourite places in the US, I bloody loved this place that I can see myself moving to, If I ever did move to the US. It was a gorgeous city filled with interesting things to do and great food, I really hope to explore more of San Francisco in the future, there is so much more I want to do, I still need to do Alcatraz, Walt Disney Museum, the Zig Zag, Full House, house and Mrs Doubtfire house, and I am sure I am missing out whole lot more. Please if you have any recommendations for me to do for the next time I am in San Francisco, please comment below, I really would love to hear from you!

P.S I also found out there is a garlic themed restaurant – I need to find this restaurant immediately when I am back there, unfortunately I had only found out when we were leaving.

All photos taken by me, except of course the Shutter Island film stills which I have credited by linking it.

Travelling Thursday: San Francisco Part 2

Good morning! Happy Travelling Thursday! Let’s dive back into San Francisco (which I am struggling to say San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6). If you haven’t checked out part 1 you can do so here:¬†San Francisco Part 1

Day 2

Today we were off! Time to explore more of this city! I wanted to see the Painted Ladies, if you don’t know what the Painted Ladies are, they are the famous houses that are each a different colour across from the “Full House opening scene” park.


Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to try and find Full House or Mr’s Doubtfire houses, but this was a really cool thing to see.

We decided to head off and walk to Hating/Ashbury a corner section that is on a street famous for the hippy movement, this is the section to go for vintage clothing and op shopping, also Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for breakfast which we did, why not; I had my favourite, Phish Food. Once we were finished we continued to Ameeba Records, a massive record store that had all your genres you could think of. I found out about this place by my brother when he was in LA because they have one there as well, and I found out about this place by our bus driver who pretty much lives San Fran, he knows a lot about San Fran.


I picked up some cool Back to the Future figures and a CD and then we left to go to the Golden Gate Park, we didn’t get to spend too much time there, but it was a lovely park. My friend and I agreed that if we go back to San Fran again (which we will one day) we need to go back and just take our time and wonder.


As we kept walking through the park we found a Japanese garden’s, oh my, this is¬†so wonderful! So special and tucked away in San Fran, I am sure they are very well known, but I had no idea about this, I love Japanese culture and the flowers and such (and yet, I have never been to Japan) we went in there was a little tea house as well – so we ordered some snacks and green tea and just observed the beauty before wondering through the garden’s. This spot was so special to me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we were all finished we grabbed a cab and went to Japan Town and Chinatown.

When we got to Japan Town we were hungry for lunch and we just wanted something, we found a Benihana, a Japanese tepenyaki place, we had heard of this place and so we thought why not, we had a good meal there, the staff were friendly and the food delicious. We went off to explore more of Japan Town and then when we were finished off to China Town.

We were ready to just now take in the city and just go for a walk, it was a lovely day, kind of cool, but we worked up a bit of a sweat from all the walking when we got to the bottom, we thought that we should go for a cable car ride, we were going to be like in the films and that where they hang off the side and such, but when we got on the open space carriage was taken so we go in the closed space carriage, it was actually pretty fun and a good spot to rest our legs, and we were also going back down once it go to the top, so we had a good chance of getting the open seated carriage.

Once everyone got off, we asked the conductor if we can do a return trip, he was nice and said that we could stay on and just pay him at the end. So we moved to the open carriage, we were ready to do that touristy photo of standing and hanging out, but our nerves and fear got the better of ourselves, we were kind of a bit scared just sitting there because this wasn’t something we were used to, all our trams are enclosed, but it was great seeing the city this way, at times I grabbed my friend with a feeling of falling forwards, this is a safe ride, but when it is going steep down the hill, I was a little bit paranoid.

We ended up near the ferry building market place, next to the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, headed back by bus to Pier 39 (it was a small bus trip that they provide to go between wharf’s).

By the time we got back it was time for dinner, we looked around Fisherman’s wharf so much seafood was out, it looked wonderful but we settled for the Fishermen’s Grotto (I realised I didn’t take a night picture of it, but this is it).DSC05360

We ordered lobsters and prawns, oh how lovely it was, we filled up and ready for a nap! But we couldn’t because we were meeting everyone from our Topdeck to go on a pub crawl – this is something that has become a common thing with our Topdeck, we did it in Vegas and the other places we visited we just found a bar to drink. I am not a huge drinker so I only had one drink from each place we went to.

We kicked off the night at Li Po Cocktail Lounge – I thought this was cool; going somewhere Anthony Bourdain has been too, I love his shows.

We had the mojito that they are known for and it had an odd cherry after flavour, it wasn’t too bad, but probably not my favourite alcoholic beverage, we found this down stairs section that was dark and had disco lights and loud music pumping, but it looked seedy as hell, with silver sequin material pinned to the walls and old lounges and chairs scattered around, thankfully we weren’t in there for long.

We headed through to a bar called The Saloon Рthis bar is the oldest bar around in San Francisco, opened in 1861 and still stands today holding live music and good drinks. This bar was fun, there was live music and everyone was dancing, I hate dancing with a passion, but one of the guys that joined us that were friends with the tour guides, he was a friendly bubbly person and so I agreed to dance with him.  I loved this night and this bar. I had so much fun here with my friends.

Stay tuned for the short and sweet Part 3 of San Francisco as I say good bye to San Francisco that day.

All photos were taken by me.

Wandering Wednesday: Grand Canyon! What a beauty!

What a sight to behold! When you think of America you think of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, the food, and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a nature made Canyon that reaches from Arizona to Nevada – I was lucky enough to have gone in the winter time to see the Grand Canyon.


We had two ways of seeing the Grand Canyon, either by bus and doing a hike down the Canyon or by helicopter – 1. I am a bit lazy so if there is a sit down version, I am taking it 2. I have never been in a helicopter before and have been told it’s so beautiful by helicopter. So of course I went by helicopter.


I have never seen the Grand Canyon in person, I had to see it either on the Simpsons, t

he Brady Bunch and other films and television, and I had seen images and thought it looked beautiful, but wasn’t prepared for what I was going to see.

My friend and I and other people on our Topdeck group who shared the helicopter with us were having mixed emotions of excitement and complete terror as it was all of our first times in a helicopter.

We geared up with our headphones and got in, I was at the back because it went by weight, lightest in the front to heavier in the back and we were off. The propeller begun, we had lift off, the sensation was different to a plane take off because it was much smaller – I was beginning to get nervous until pretty much the soundtrack to Walter Mitty (the Ben Stiller one, not the original) came on making it almost inspirational and adventurous. It is a great soundtrack to be honest.

We were told by our pilot we might see some wild animals, but because it was winter it was unlikely and we didn’t see any, but the trees and the snow was so beautiful and it was like that until the Grand Canyon was upon us, it was such a breathtaking thing to see! It was like trees, trees, trees, freaken Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon, it was so gorgeous and amazing how you would see half the Canyon covered in snow and the other half was dry, we could see the river down below and it was a moment I am glad I took. There was a bit of turbulence that made it drop a little and made us freak out, but other than that, I felt completely safe and was just in awe of it.

I highly recommend going by helicopter, yes it is expensive, about USD$200 but well worth it. I am so glad seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time as by helicopter.

After we got back we were taken to the rim of the Canyon where we could do a walk around at our own leisure.


All photos taken by me

Travelling Tuesday: San Francisco Part 1

Good afternoon! This Travelling Tuesday we are headed to San Francisco! The city with all those hills, trams, Full House, Mrs Doubtfire, the Golden Gate Bridge and much more!

Day 1

I visited San Francisco in 2015 with my Topdeck tour, we were there for 3 days, we drove after staying around Yosemite National Park and we headed off by bus to San Francisco the traffic was bad, but it was okay, because this place I was looking forward to the most, I had never been to San Francisco, but grown up loving Mrs Doubtfire and Full House, I wanted to go so badly, and I was finally going!

When we got to San Fran, the thing you must see is the Golden Gate Bridge, it was bloody freezing (which I don’t mind because I love the cold, my friend on the other hand, she ran to the bathroom and then back onto the bus where I just wanted to stay and look around the bay), it was windy, I mean super windy, like it was a struggle walking just a short distance because the wind was like nope.


But I got to see the bridge and get a decent gloomy photo of it, and as we saw people falling over and some being dragged by the wind, we thought it was time to head off to get to our hotel.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn which was a charming hotel, so close to Fisherman’s Wharf which was awesome because that was the place to go, especially if you love seafood! After checking in, my friend and I were off, the house, they looked beautiful! Oh how I loved the charming city, I was already in love with it.


We headed to star bucks to get my friend her coffee fix, she still thinks I am a freak for loving the cold and hating coffee (sorry if I just offended you), afterwards we went around Fisherman’s Wharf and saw some cute little shops, then it was time for lunch. We have been told that the seafood chowder is a signature meal in San Fran, especially on a cold day, and we found this small diner looking called ‘Chowders’ that sold two different clam chowder’s,  the white seafood chowder (the traditional white creamy chowder) and the red seafood chowder (tomato based), my friend and I were going to get one each, so I ordered the red one, but they gave me the white one, which I didn’t mind because I think I wanted that one more, hell I could of subconsciously asked for the white chowder, who knows, but when I got it, oh my was it massive! It was huge!!! But I loved it so much that I crave for a good seafood chowder, unfortunately, it is not common at all in the area I live, in fact, I can’t find a single restaurant near me that sell it.


When we had the seafood chowder it reminded me of this scene from the Simpsons (used from

We found an old arcade museum with very old machines, it was amazing, I thought it was a fantastic interactive arcade museum, it was fun and just downright weird, I loved it, I recommend it to everyone, it was right next to an open small Navy museum with good look out to Alcatraz (which shame on us, we were not able to get tickets to).

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Afterwards we went off for sightseeing, we ended up meeting everyone at Boudin Bakery opposite Fisher man’s wharf.

Stay tuned for Travelling Thursday for part 2!

All Photos taken by me

Roller Derby in America

Roller Derby in America is awesome, Roller Derby in general is awesome, but if you are from overseas and it’s a sport you love/like/interested in, America is the place to go.

Keys if you don’t understand roller derby terminology:

  1. Bout = Game
  2. Intraleague = home league internal teams, a league will host their own bout’s with their own skaters who are divided into 3-4 teams in the league
  3. Jammer = the one who has a star on their helmet, they are the ones who score the points.
  4. Pivot = A blocker who has a stripe on their helmet; who controls their pack and will usually make the shots.
  5.  Blocker = the ones who are defence and offence to stop the oppositions Jammer from scoring the points and assisting their Jammer to score the points
These are the jammer’s – they are the ones to score the points

I have talked a small bit about roller derby in my life, as I am a current derby girl here in Australia, roller derby is a big part of my life, I have a love/hate relationship with it because it is such a passionate sport, and because of some of my mental health with it, it’s a very intense passion. But regardless of myself in derby, it is a great sport to watch, unfortunately our league doesn’t pull the numbers as much as it used to, especially with other leagues popping up around, but that’s okay, we play for us and the best places for the great atmosphere is the bigger events, bigger than regular league events, the top events are The Great Southern Slam in South Australia, 5×5 in Sydney, Eastern Region Roller Derby in Sydney and Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup which will be hosted in the winning Countries, country. These are the few events that come to my mind that are massive events, I am sure there are many many more.

But for me, I wanted to see a regular intraleague bout in America, I knew it would spectacular and I was not disappointed РI went with my mum in LA to see the LA Derby Dolls at the Doll Factory (a cute name for their venue) in 4900 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032, USA, unfortunately they had to move out and are still currently trying to find a new venue. You can actually donate to them on their Go Fund Me Page

Fun fact: If you have seen the movie Whip It! Starring Ellen Page, Kristen Wigg, Drew Barrymore, etc you would have met a character in film by the derby name of  Maggie Mayham (played by Kristen Wigg), Maggie Mayham was a real Derby Doll and had written this book. The book is titled Derby Girl and it was based on some of her experiences in TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls (Texas Roller Derby). The Hurl Scouts that Baberuthless and Maggie Mayham were on was based on the real team the Tough Cookies in the LA Derby Dolls.

This track (below) is called a Banked track, it curves up and much more smoother – this track is the icon of roller derby as this was the original track to be used. Whip it use a banked track as well. For me I would be terrified to use it, in Australia as we don’t have the facilities (that I know of), we are a strictly flat track which has become the most common track as it is easier to use, this only requires the correct standard measurements which you would find in the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) and you just lay tape and rope to get the correct measurement – this is a removable track, we skate on basketball courts because a lot of us don’t own our own venue, we rent from a sports centre.

Banked track is much more exciting in person, I love banked tracked, but I could not personally do it myself because I would be scared of being unstable and continually sliding down the track into the middle hahaha.


My mum and I had a great time! I wore my league shirt and the atmosphere around us was fantastic! It was a sold out bout and the crowd were a rowdy bunch in a good way that they were cheering and hollering. I got to take some pictures of the Doll Factory. They also had murals of the players and banners, a big area for merchandise and other exhibitors and food trucks outside.

Grandstand tickets were a bit more¬†than the GA but we got them because it’s better than standing, I would rather pay the money, and it was worth it.

Online Pre-Sale: $15 for GA and $35 for Bleachers
Door: $18 for GA and $38 for Bleachers
This information was taken from the LA Derby Dolls website

I went for the Tough Cookies and mum went for Varsity Brawlers – Tough Cookies won!

I am really looking forward to seeing Orlando Sunblockers in Orlando, Florida in October! I really wanted to see Angel City which is located in

For more information on the LA Derby Dolls click here:

If you have any questions on roller derby, please comment below! I am happy to answer any!

Friday Flicks: Snatched (2017)


Good morning everyone! Yay it’s Friday! Almost the weekend, I hope you are all well and survived this week.

The movie of the day is the latest film to hit cinemas is the movie Snatched, staring Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer. I was to be honest, a bit hesitant to see this film, I wasn’t 100% sure if I would like it, I am not a huge Amy Schumer fan, I am not really into her humour which is fine, I think she is a pretty cool person herself and find it awesome that she had written her own film (Trainwreck), but I am just not much of a fan.

I went to the cinema’s with my mum who wanted to see this film, I was more than happy to see it with her, it was between this or the latest movie A Dog’s Purpose which I had no desire to see it, especially with the controversy surrounding it about one of the dog’s being put in harm’s way when the dog clearly didn’t want to do a particular scene and my friend told me that the dog’s in the film (not in real life) die and I really don’t want to watch adorable puppies die. But if you have seen this movie, do let me know in the comments if you recommend it or not!

Back to the movie Snatched, I went in with no expectations, I like Goldie Hawn, but still didn’t expect to really appreciate this film. This film centres around a mother and daughter, Emily (Schumer) is having a bit of bad luck, she loses her job, though she was a bad employee and had been dumped by her boyfriend who wants to travel and make it big in the music world and bang as many women as possible. Whereas Linda (Hawn) who is Emily’s mother, has her own problems, she hasn’t seen her daughter in a while and doesn’t get to speak to her much because of Emily not wanting to respond, she has her 30 something son living at home and is needy and she has a phobia of everything. One day when Emily comes home she reveals to her mother that she has a non-refundable trip to Ecuador that she was meant to take with her boyfriend, trying to get someone to come with her, she comes across a photo book of her mother (one of the photos you can really see Kate Hudson’s face in it) and it shows how adventurous she once was. After seeing it, she convinces her now terrified of everything mother to come along with her to Ecuador.

The movie actually surprised me and surprised how much I laughed, it was charming and witty, some stupid humour, but it was actually quite good, I actually left the theatre having enjoyed myself and my mum did too.

I am going be bias and say because it was a different person who wrote it (Katie Dippold, also has written for Parks and Recreation TV show and wrote Ghostbusters 2016 film, which by the way, was actually an awesome funny film, I don’t care what you say), I think the writing was very funny and a great concept about a mother and daughter who fly to Ecuador and ended up getting kidnapped with hilarious antics.

I recommend this film, it’s not an Oscar winning film by no means, but ¬†it was a good light, enjoyable film, the acting was good, and the story line was good and easy to follow and very enjoyable to see the antics and how they would get out of certain situations. I would say though, wait till DVD or Netflix for it.

I give Snatched¬†2 stars and a half¬†‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ

For more information on the film, click here:

Movie poster used from here: Snatched Movie Poster